Undergraduate Publications By Date, 1964-1975

NOTE: Entries are listed according to the first year of publication. When the production of a paper was interrupted for several years, the paper appears again in this list under the new starting date. The editors' statement of purpose or a characterization of the contents of the paper is also included following the publication dates.

Dialogue (1964-1967) was an "independent student magazine" designed to stimulate "political excitement and debate."

The Not-so-ivory Tower (1964) was a journal dedicated to religious inquiry and contained reviews, essays, and poetry.

The Miscellaneous (1964-1965) was a magazine associated with the Record and contained book reviews, essays, and drawings.

The Advocate (1969-1972) was set up as a rival paper to the Record, although both papers contained largely the same kind of information.

The Tabloid (1969) was envisioned as a means, "to give a forum to all opinions on the Williams campus...and to present these opinions in novel and creative ways."

Line (1972-1973) contained student poetry, photography, and drawings.

The Williams Record-Advocate (1972-1975) was the result of the merger of the Record and the Advocate, thus ending the feud that had existed between these two papers.

Pamoja Tutoshinda (1972-1973) was "published by Kujichagudlia which is an organization devoted to Black communications and draws its members from the Afro-American Society at Williams College." The paper included features, short stories, and poetry.

The Counterpoint (1973-1974) was the journal of the Williams Action Coalition, and was a self-described "radical" journal.

The Williams Political Science Review (1973-1980) was "devoted to subjects of general and specific interest to political science and related disciplines." It contained essays written by both professors and students.

The Knockabout (1974-1975) was a literary magazine.

The Spirit of '78 (1974-1975) was a paper dedicated to academic, social, and athletic matters of interest to freshmen.

The Women's Feminist Alliance Newsletter (1974-1978) included information and articles written from a feminist viewpoint.

The Williams Record (1975- ) was a continuation of the Record- Advocate.