This Day in Williams History

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August 5th, 1850   David Dudley Field, Jr. (Class of 1825) gives a 'literary picnic' for Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville on Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, MA.

August 11th, 1851   Herman Melville, with a party of friends and relatives, stays overnight in the observatory on Mount Greylock.   more 

August 14th, 1855   Members of the Lyceum of Natural History dedicate Jackson Hall, their new headquarters located in the Berkshire Quad.   more 

August 15th, 1838   Nathaniel Hawthorne attends Williams College's Commencement.   more 

August 15th, 1854   Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks before the Adelphic Union, the student literary-debating society.   more 

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