This Day in Williams History

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July 2nd, 1881   James A. Garfield, Class of 1856 and 20th President of the U.S., is shot by a disgruntled office seeker in a Washington, D.C. railroad station.   more 

July 3rd, 1883   A violent storm destroys the setting for the annual alumni dinner, smashing dishes, tables, and the building itself.   more 

July 4th, 1832   July 4th riots result in the expulsion of several students.   more 

July 7th, 2008   College Archives and Chapin Library begin to move their collections out of Stetson Hall in anticipation of the renovation of Stetson Hall and the construction of a new library.   more 

July 15th, 1864   A group of seniors and juniors meet to establish a provisional chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Williams.   more 

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