Documenting honors work in the Theatre Department

The options below are suggestions for elements that a Theatre honors student may submit to the College Archives to help document their project.

Script (for playwrights only): Follow formatting and printing guidelines for traditional theses

Production book: the original (to be curated as an object)

Programs: (2) originals

Photographs of production/s: black and white or color photographs/print-outs on acidfree paper

Costume designs: original drawings, photographic prints/print-outs on acidfree paper, swatches, etc.

Lighting plans: original designs, photographic prints/print-outs of installation/s on acidfree paper

Set sketches: original drawings, photographic prints/print-outs on acidfree paper of mock-ups and/or final installations

Music: original score printed on acidfree paper and/or CD/DVD; preferably Archival Gold.

If you submit a text with a small number of accompanying items--programs, CD, etc.--the text will most likely be bound and the smaller items placed in a pocket at the back of the volume.

If you submit larger groupings of items--a production book with photographs, sketches and plans, for example--they will be housed in an archival box.  (Boxes will be supplied by the College Archives.)  When submitting an assortment of material, authors must still produce a title page in an approved form.

The Archives would also like an electronic copy of any items that are born digitally: Word documents, WAV files, TIFFs, JPEG2000s, MPEG2 or -4s are preferred.  These should be identical in informational content to the hardcopy items you submit.