Williams College CDE Research Papers

Release Form
When a student submits the departmental and electronic copy of the research paper, s/he and the faculty advisor must complete and sign a release form. This form specifies the administration of literary property rights (copyright), access, and reproduction of the research paper.  Contact the Archives staff if you have questions about the release form.

Submitting an electronic copy for College Archives
Only an electronic copy of a students research paper will be accepted by the College Archives as the official copy of record. Each student must complete a release form with their faculty advisor and submit it with the research paper. The file format requirement for both the release form and research paper  is a PDF and each should be submitted as separate documents. If you are submitting additional files as part of your research paper, see here for a listing of other accepted file formats. Send one email with appropriate attachments (release form, final research paper, and other accompanying files/documents) to theses@williams.edu. If file(s) are too large to submit as an email attachment, please use Google Drive to share the file(s) using the email address above. Direct questions to Walter Komorowski, Head of Library Systems (tel: 413-597-2084). 

Personal copies
Students are responsible for printing personal copies and the cost of binding. To bind your research paper, bring the printed copy to Sawyer Library's Collection Management Department (2nd floor, tel: 413-597-2507). Students will be asked to select a binding color for each of their personal copies. Binding of personal copies must be pre-paid with cash or personal check. Credit cards and cash cards are not accepted. Costs vary each year, so please check with the Collection Management Department for current prices. Because binding is handled by an outside vendor, bound personal copies will be mailed to the student as soon as they are ready.

Submitting a departmental copy
If CDE or CDE faculty want a bound copy of the research paper, the student will need to turn in a printed copy to Sawyer Library's Collection Management Department (2nd floor). Include a signed copy of the release form with each printed copy. Binding of these copies is charged to the department.