Unpublished and miscellaneous items in the Collection

Overviews, including bibliography

00 General works

American treasury: Shaker food, Shaker furniture [several articles] in American homes (Sept. 1969) (00 A43: Box 1)

Antiques [multiple articles in the one issue] (Oct. 1970) (00 A58: Box 50)

Frome, Michael. "Mike Frome." American forests (July 1970) (00 F86 M34: Box 1)

Frome, Michael. "Shakertown, reminder of a gentler way." Women's day (Sept. 1968) (00 F86 S42: Box 1)

[Holland, Josiah Gilbert]. "Shakerism." Scribner's monthly (Jan. 1872) (00 H64 S42: Box 1)

Malcolm, Janet. "On and off the avenue." The New Yorker (Aug. 8, 1970) (00 M24 O5: Box 2)

"Serene twilight of a once-sturdy sect?" and David Martin's "It is Christ who dwells in me" from Life (Mar. 17, 1967) (00 S48: Box 50)

01 Brief outlines

In the spirit of Shaker: three essays [for the] John C. Campbell Folk School of Brasstown, NC? 1998. (01 J64 I5: Box 3)

Anonymous copy of Joseph Meacham's "A concise statement of the principles of the only true church...together with a letter from James Wittaker...1790", n.d. Manuscript copy of Richmond 1006. (01 M46: Box 4)

National Gallery of Art. Art & man. The Shakers. Pub. By Scholastic, Feb. 1972. With teacher's guide. (01 N27 A78: Box 4)

10 Bibliography

Sister M. Catherine Allen (New Lebanon) letters to William W. Wight, 1918, regarding the development of Wight's and other Shaker collections, and research into the 19th-century spirit communications (10 A44l: Box 4)

De Wolfe, Scott. [Catalogs of Shaker books, ephemera, etc.], 1993. (10 D28 C27: Box 4)

De Wolfe & Wood. [Catalogs of Shaker books, ephemera, etc.], 1995-1998. (10 D288 C27: Box 4)

George Arents Research Library. "Additional collections available for research: Shaker Collection, 1808-1969." (1970) (10 G46 A33: Box 4)

A.G. Hollister letters to William W. Wight, 1909-1910, regarding Wight's collection of Shaker material, and accounts of the Shakers in general (10 H64l: Box 4)

J.P. MacLean letters to William W. Wight, 1909, regarding Wight's collection of Shaker material (10 M22l: Box 4)

Meader, Robert F.W. "The Emma King Library ?" in The Bookmark (July 1968) (10 M42 E55: Box 5)

Harold R. Nestler, Inc. Shaker catalog, fall 1980. (10 N37 S42: Box 5)

David D. Newell ? Shaker Literature. [Catalogs], 1990s. (10 N48 C28: Box 5)

[David D. Newell]. "Celestial beauties do unfold," the American Shakers and related groups. The Milton Sherman Collection. [Overview catalogs], 1995. (10 N48 C34: Box 5)

Correspondence regarding the Shaker Collection at Williams College, including acquisitions and reference information, 1931-1972 (10 W6 vol.1-2: Box 51)

E.B. Wight scrapbooks containing bibliographical citations, etc. (99 v.2: Box 45/46)

11 Advertisements and auctions

Public auction? located at the Otterbein Home [Lebanon, Ohio]. {Broadside, n.d.] (11 P82: Box 5)

Shaker Bicentennial commemoratives [from 1974 Bicentennial Convention] (11 S46: Box 5)