Unpublished and miscellaneous items in the Collection

Inventories of scrapbooks and compilations

98 Scrapbooks

E.B. Wight notes, essays on the Hancock and Tyringham Shakers, and maps of the Mt. Lebanon and Hancock villages, ca. 1907. (98 v.2: Box 42)

Collected spirit messages, diaries, etc. More detailed list available. (98 v.3: Box 42-43)

Collected spirit messages. More detailed list available. (98 v.4: Box 43-44)

E.B. Wight correspondence, spirit messages, mathematics notebook, music and singing lessons, etc. More detailed list available. (98 v.5: Box 44)

99 Scrapbooks

E.B. Wight scrapbook containing clippings (1866-1905), published texts (some with Richmond numbers), spiritual message (1852), draft disability certificate (1863), advertisements and business cards, child's indenture (blank, n.d.), etc. (99 v.1: Box 44)

E.B. Wight scrapbooks containing bibliographical citations, prints of villages, published photographs, clippings (1878-1937), spiritual messages (1841-1851), a list of changes in routine and dress (n.d.), etc. (99 v.2: Box 45/46)

E.B. Wight scrapbook containing spiritual messages (1837-1843), hymnals (1847, n.d.), prints and published photographs of villages and individuals, clippings and texts (ca. 1858-1904), etc. More detailed list available. (99 v.3: Box 45/46)