Unpublished and miscellaneous items in the Collection

Museums and exhibitions

96 Exhibits

Craft Center, Worcester, Mass. Shaker design? exhibit, 1967. (96 C72 S42: Box 41)

Ryder Gallery. The Shakers, a lifestyle by design [exhibit broadside, 1971] (96 R83 S42 1971: Box 41)

William Crapo Gallery. Shaker design from the Hancock Shaker Village? 1973 [exhibit catalog]. (96 W34 S24: Box 41)

97 Museums

Inn at Shaker Mill Farm, Canaan, NY. Announcement and news article, 1968. (97 C23 I55: Box 41)

Lower Shaker Village: the Museum at Lower Shaker Village presents Shaker built? preserving the Enfield legacy, a special exhibition [poster], 1986. (97 E53 L68: Box 41)

A guide to Shaker museums and libraries [comp. By Robert F.W. Meader] 1967, rev. 1967, 1973. (97 G84: Box 41)

Brochures for Hancock Shaker Village. (97 H19 B76: Box 41)

"The Hancock Shakers." Historic preservation (1961) (97 H19 H48: Box 41)

Program of dedication in the [Hancock Shaker Village] meeting house? 1963. (see also 61 H28 S34) (97 H19 P76 1963: Box 41)

Stagg, Anne. "Home of the Hancock Shakers," in House and Garden (July 1968). (97 H19 S82: Box 41)

World's peoples dinners, Hancock Shaker Village? [program, 1964]. (97 H19 W67: Box 41)

Brochure for the Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, NY. (97 Ol3 B76: Box 41)

Williams, John S. "The Shakers? there's a growing interest." Early American life (July ? August 1970) (97 Ol3 W34: Box 41)

Brochures for Pleasant Hill community. (97 P43 B76: Box 41)

"Auburn Shaker festival?" 1971. [Includes scenes from the play "Shakertown revisited," held near the South Union, Kentucky community] (97 S68 A82: Box 41)

Brochure for Shakertown, South Union, Kentucky. (97 S68 B76: Box 41)

Futch, Ladell. "Auburn Shaker festival: welcome to South Union," in Rural Kentuckian Magazine (May 1971). (97 S68 F87: Box 41)

The SouthUnion messenger. (1972-1974) (97 S68 M47: Box 41)

Shaker seminar [program and advertisement], Warren County Historical Museum, Lebanon, Ohio, 1973. (97 U53 S42: Box 41)


Hancock Shaker Village. Newsletter to our friends, 1983-1994. [irregular holdings] (Periodical H25 N38: Box 47)

The Leaflet. Volumes 1 and 3, a manuscript produced in the school and later the church at Mt. Lebanon, 1871-1872. (Periodical L47: Box 50)