Unpublished and miscellaneous items in the Collection

Conflicts with the world: legal cases and anti-Shaker sentiment

91 Shakers and the law

Upton, Richard F. "Franklin Pierce and the Shakers: a subchapter in the struggle for religious liberty." Historical New Hampshire (summer 1968) (91 U67 F72: Box 40)

E.B. Wight scrapbook containing clippings (1866-1905), draft disability certificate (1863), child's indenture (blank, n.d.), etc. (99 v.1: Box 44)

92 Anti-Shaker and controversial writings 

"History of the Shakers." Port folio (Oct. 1812) [Review of Thomas Brown's An account of the people called Shakers?] (92 B81 R38: Box 40)