I. Catalogues

Most of the Archives' materials are NOT YET on FRANCIS; this means that you will have to check both FRANCIS and our card catalog to locate sources. The card catalog has separate sections for published material, unpublished documents (manuscripts and archives), photographs and prints, theses, and artifacts.

To help with your topic, you may wish to check the following subjects in the card catalog:

Various disciplines, ex: BOTANY -- STUDY AND TEACHING
Names of individual professors in your field and time period
Student groups, such as the LYCEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY

II. Published sources

College Bulletins -- (25.W6) from 1822 to the present; these volumes provide descriptions of the College curriculum and facilities, and the names of faculty members.

Laws of Williams College -- (22.W6) the earlier Laws include broad descriptions of the College curriculum.

Syllabi -- (264.Sy) from the 1970s to the present; the earlier years are spotty in terms of coverage.

Exams -- (26.W6) we have only a few of these, from 1868 to the late 1910s.

Reports on the Science Curriculum -- (26.R29) from 1963/4 to the present.

Student publications -- these are arranged alphabetically along the north wall of the reading room; some are indexed, others are not; use the 'Undergraduate Publications' guide (located in one of the black binders on top of the card catalog) to help you determine which publications may be of use to you.

Textbooks -- some of these are located under call number 264.W6; if a course description or syllabus mentions other specific textbooks, you may be able to locate them in our collections (use our card catalog, the '1794 Collection' guide, and the L&T card catalog in Sawyer) or order them on Interlibrary Loan from another institution.

Faculty works -- use the card catalogs in the Archives and in Sawyer Library to see if we own publications of faculty in whom you are interested; you may also find biographies of faculty, organized alphabetically, under the call number 42.

III. Unpublished sources

While oftentimes more difficult to use than published material, these will provide you with personal perspectives on your topic.

Photographs -- images documenting science at Williams are scarce; check the 'Photographs' drawers in the lower half of the card catalog; images are organized by individual, place, and group.

Manuscripts -- personal correspondence, diaries, lecture notes, etc. may be available for your time period; check our 'Manuscripts Regarding Undergraduate Life' guide (the white binder on top of the card catalog) and the card catalog for possibilities.

A number of collections which have been of use to students in the past are:

Paul A. Chadbourne Papers (MC2): .5 linear feet of lectures on science and faith, natural history, etc., mostly undated but in the 1849-1886 period.

Herdman F. Cleland Papers (MC8): .5 linear feet of guides to his Geology I and V courses, misc. articles and essays, 1912- 1933.

Albert Hopkins Papers (in MC23 Hopkins Family Papers): .5 linear feet comprising correspondence, his 'Treatise on Astronomy', and other material, 1820-1872.

Lyceum of Natural History Records (MC17): 2.5 linear feet of administrative records, publications, catalogs, etc. 1817-1889.

Sumner Chapman Papers (Acc. #89-077): .25 linear feet of course notes in biology, ca. 1892-1896.

Thomas Brayton Papers (Acc. #0-380): .25 linear feet of lecture notes in botany, physiology, mineralogy, etc., 1822- 1824, 1859-61.

Charles Heath Papers (Acc. #0-510): 1 vol. of lecture notes in botany and mineralogy, 1879-1881

Williams College Records (Acc. #0-282): a volume including a list of scientific apparatus, ca. 1795.

Chester Dewey Papers (Acc. #91-033): a letter to Amos Eaton regarding mathematics and science education, 1822 also (Acc. #0-284): a catalog of plants made during a course with Amos Eaton, 1817.

Edward Payson Hopkins Papers (Acc. #0-023): the journal of a Lyceum trip to Greenland, 1860.

Samuel Edward Elmore Papers (Acc. #0-068): a 2 vol. journal of a Lyceum trip to Florida, 1857.

Williams College Observatory (Acc. #0-254, 0-322, 89-018): 6.5 linear feet of meteorological observations, 1816-1945.

Willis Milham Papers (Acc. #91-020): .25 linear feet of meteorological observations, notes on publications, 1913-1917.

Ralph Winch Papers (Acc. #88-070, 89-030): lecture notes and lab materials concerning physics, 1931-1971.

Samuel Sumner Papers (Acc. #0-034): sketch of lectures in geology, ca. 1849.

And you should be able to find more!