What to weed

Consulting your departmental records retention schedule, feel free to weed from your files a wide variety of 'transitory' documents that do not provide any substantive or unique information about your department/program. These may include calendars, routine correspondence, memoranda, drafts of reports, and convenience copies of mailings from other offices, committees or departments.

In addition, because some department information is archived by other campus offices, including the offices of the Dean of Faculty and the Provost, you may consider weeding and discarding certain types of records.   Below we've noted the office that is keeping the 'copy of record', as well as suggested retention periods for your copy.  Again, you should keep in your department files papers in these categories that are recent and/or which you actively use.  Your records retention schedule should be the main source of guidance.

·        Former faculty files (copy of record is with the Dean of Faculty during the active phase, later with the President's Office/Archives): Destroy applications, salary letters, leave information, evaluations, tenure/promotion information, information re: funding received from the Dean's office, grant award letters, etc. (See also What to transfer to the Archives)

·        Department staffing reports (copy of record with the Dean of Faculty): Retain for no more than (7) years

·        Tenure appeal and disciplinary case files (copy of record with the Dean of Faculty): Please forward to the Dean of Faculty following termination of the case

·        Department external reviews (copy of record with the Dean of Faculty): Retain only the most recent external review

·        Curricular development (final course descriptions, major requirements, etc. archived with the CEP and in the Faculty Meeting Minutes): Retain for (7) years; Transfer to the Archives documentation of investigation, decision-making, goal setting, etc., i.e. the thought process behind your department's curriculum

·        Enrollment lists/grade sheets (copy of record with the Registrar): Retain for no more than (4) years

·        Teaching evaluations (copy of record with the Provost): Retain for no more than (7) years

·        Blue sheets: These should be in the possession of individual faculty only; Please destroy department copies

·        Candidate files for searches: Retain for (2) years then destroy.

·        Grant applications (80-90% archived with the Provost): Retain files relating to on-going grants (see also What to transfer to the Archives)

·        Budget information (copy of record with the Provost/Controller): Retain background information on restricted gifts, i.e. how each gift can be spent; Retain general budget/fund information for no more than (2) years.

·        TA requests (archived for a short while with the Dean of Faculty): Retain for no more than (4) years.

·        TA personnel files: Retain for (7) years, then destroy.

·       Administrative & support staff personnel files:  Recruitment files should be purged after (2) years.  Personnel files of retirees and former employees should be sent to Human Resources. HR will review records for incorporation into the employee files.