Records Management at Williams College

We've all recognized by now that technology has not decreased the amount of information we produce or manage.  With the proliferation of documents, images, datasets, etc.--in both hardcopy and electronic formats--questions about managing, accessing, preserving or destroying information are even more important to answer.  

To help us tackle these issues, a Records Management Program developed.  The Program comprises a nested set of services that helps administrators, staff, committee and department chairs deal with the records they produce and receive.  It ensures important documents are preserved, and information that has outlived its usefulness is destroyed in a timely fashion.

Policy Regarding the Management of College Records and General Records Retention Schedule (October 15, 2016)

The Williams College Board of Trustees voted to approve a Policy Regarding the Management of College Records at their meeting on Oct 15, 2016. This Policy affirms the Records Management Program at the College and the role of the Records Manager. The Policy also:

  • Defines records retention schedules pertaining to records created and maintained by the College
  • Defines College Property as official records created or received by the College and its employees in the course of their official duties
  • Identifies the role of the the records liaison in each College unit
  • Outlines acceptable methods of destruction
  • Defines a process for "litigation holds."

The General Records Retention Schedule supports the Williams College Policy Regarding the Management of Records and provides guidance in the creation of Office/Departmental records retention schedules and for the management of certain types of records that are common to most offices at Williams College.  

Williams College Policy Regarding the Management of College Records

Williams College General Records Retention Schedule