Rare Books

The Archives cares for several rare book collections, including the libraries of the College's original student literary/debating society, writings of William Cullen Bryant, and the Strickland Kneass Collection of works pertaining to slavery and abolition in the United States. (The College's Chapin Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts also maintains an extensive rare book collection.)

You may locate these works through FRANCIS, our online catalog. To retrieve the entire contents of a particular collection, enter the following initial call numbers as a Local Call # search:

ZZ 2 for incunabula
ZZ 11 for international law and diplomacy
ZZ 12 for William Cullen Bryant
ZZ 13 for abolition and slavery
ZZ 15.2 for dance
ZZ 36 for Hampton Institute and 19th-century Hawaii (associated with the Samuel C. Amstrong Papers)
L & T for the libraries of the Philologian/Philotechnian literary and debating society
from Chi-ming Chou's Shop Signs,ca. 1900