Arrangements by Charles Wolcott

African lament
PWC# 0009, by Lecuona(?), parts only
All God's chillun got love
PWC# 0033, by Suesse, parts only
Alone on the range
PWC# 0052, by Wayne, parts only
Are you makin' any money
PWC# 1535, by Hupfeld, score & parts
As thousands cheer
PWC# 0096-2, by Berlin, score & parts
Autograph by photograph
PWC# 0108, by Sigler, Goodhart and Hoffman, score & parts
Ballyhoo medley
PWC# 3014, score & parts
PWC# 0130-2, by Youmans and Stothart, score & parts
Beach boy
PWC# 0142-2, by Ronell, parts only
Berlin medley
PWC# 3021, by Berlin, score & parts
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
PWC# 0170-4, by Arlen, parts only
Blackbirds of 1934 (medley)
PWC# 3025, parts only
Black-eyed Susan Brown
PWC# 0185, by Hoffman, Goodhart and Magidson, parts only
Blow breezes blow
PWC# 0190, by Bagar, parts only
Blues trilogy intro
PWC# 0330, score & 2 parts
Born to be kissed
PWC# 0232, by Schwartz, score & parts
Bottoms up medley (I'm throwin' my love away, Katy, Little did I dream, Turn on the moon)
PWC# 3032, parts only
Boy and a girl were dancing
PWC# 0237, by Revel, parts only
Boy and girl were dancing/Rhythm of my heart (medley)
PWC# 3033, score & parts
Broadway lady
PWC# 0136, score only
Bugle call rag
PWC# 0258-2, by Schoebel, Meyer and Pettis, parts only
By the waters of Minnetonka
PWC# 0275-2, by Lieurance, score & parts
Cabin in the cotton
PWC# 0280, by Perkins, parts only
Canadian capers
PWC# 0292-2, by Cohen, White, Chandler and Burtnett, score & parts
Carry me back to green pastures
PWC# 3126, by Pepper, score & parts
PWC# 0354, by Trumbauer, parts only
Connecticut Yankee (medley)
PWC# 0392-1, by Rodgers, score & parts
Dancing in the moonlight
PWC# 0449, by Donaldson, parts only
Dancing lady medley (Gang's all here, My dancing lady, Bavarian, Everything)
PWC# 3072, score & parts
PWC# 0473, by Carmichael, score & parts
DeRose medley
PWC# 3075, score & parts
Dim dawning
PWC# 0505, parts only
PWC# 0585, by Wolcott, score & parts
PWC# 0596, score only
Flying colors medley
PWC# 3099, by Schwartz, score & parts
Follies of 1933 medley (Suddenly, What is there to say, Likes of you, Moon about town)
PWC# 3104, score & parts
Georgie (Gershwin medley)
PWC# 3117, by Gershwin, score & parts
Girl friend
PWC# 0751-4, by Rodgers, score & parts
Going to Hollywood medley
PWC# 3121, by Brown, score & parts
Gypsiana (Gypsy rhapsody, Dark eyes, Gypsy rondo)
PWC# 3128, parts only
Happy times medley
PWC# 3131, score & parts
Here comes company
PWC# 0854, score & parts
Hold up your hands
PWC# 0892, score only
Hollywood party medley
PWC# 3147, parts only
I know that you know
PWC# 1002-5, by Youmans, score & parts
If I forget you
PWC# 1072, by Caesar, score & parts
Ill wind
PWC# 1105, by Arlen, score & parts
Italian salad
PWC# 1212, by Genee, parts only
It'll take a little time
PWC# 1215, by Murray, Goodhart and Hoffman, score only
It's an old fashioned world after all
PWC# 1221, by Bryan, Meyer and Wendling, parts only
It's only a paper moon
PWC# 1230, by Arlen, score & parts
Jericho/Swanee medley
PWC# 3172, score & parts
Jungle fever
PWC# 1279, by Donaldson, score & parts
Kern medley
PWC# 3178, by Kern, score & parts
King of jazz medley
PWC# 3182, score & parts
Let 'em eat cake medley
PWC# 3188, by Gershwin, score & parts
Let's begin
PWC# 1375, by Kern, score & parts
Let's fall in love medley
PWC# 3189, by Arlen, score & parts
PWC# 1436-4, by Gershwin, score & parts
Love in bloom
PWC# 1478-3, by Robin and Rainger, score & parts
PWC# 1478-4, parts only
Make me yours
PWC# 1580, score only
Marching along together
PWC# 1570-2, by Pola and Steininger, score & parts
Mississippi basin
PWC# 1647, by Foresythe, score & parts
Mister rhythm man
PWC# 1656, by Watts, score & parts
Moon of desire
PWC# 1675, by Deutsch, score & parts
Moonlight waltz
PWC# 1686, by Burke, score & parts
More beautiful than ever
PWC# 3233, by Young, score only
My hero
PWC# 1723-2, by Straus, score & parts
My little grass shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii
PWC# 0800, by Harrison, Cagswell and Noble, parts only
My moonlight Madonna
PWC# 1737-2, by Fibich, score & parts
Night owl
PWC# 1791, by Hupfeld, score & parts
No one loves a riveter
PWC# 2091, score & parts
Not bad
PWC# 1818-2, parts only
Nuts and noodles medley
PWC# 3250, score & parts
Oh me, oh my
PWC# 1849, score & parts
One night of love
PWC# 1908, by Schertzinger, score & parts
Palooka medley
PWC# 3260, parts only
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
PWC# 1953, parts only
Pu-leeze Mr. Hemingway
PWC# 2029, by Drake, Kent and Silver, score & parts
Prairie lullaby
PWC# 2016, by Hill, score & parts
Ragging the scale
PWC# 2040-2, by Claypoole, score & parts
Ranger's song
PWC# 2048, by Tierney, score & parts
PWC# 2050, by Grever, score & parts
PWC# 2086, by Donaldson, score & parts
Rise 'n shine
PWC# 2087-1, by Youmans, score & parts
Rollin' home
PWC# 2103, by DeRose, parts only
Roman scandals medley
PWC# 3282, by Warren, parts only
Russian folk songs
PWC# 3286, score & parts
Scandals medley
PWC# 3297, by Henderson, Yellen and Caesar, score & parts
PWC# 1327, score & parts
Shanghai Lil
PWC# 2198, by Warren, score & parts
Sheik of Araby
PWC# 2205-1, by Snyder, score & parts
PWC# 2223-3, by Lecuona, score & parts
Sing a new song
PWC# 2243, by Ager, score & parts
Sing and Mimi medley
PWC# 3304, by Rodgers, parts only
Sittin' in the dark
PWC# 2263, by Greer, parts only
Sittin' on a backyard fence
PWC# 2264, by Fain, score & parts
Sittin' on a log
PWC# 2265, by Gay, parts only
Smoke gets in your eyes
PWC# 2281-3, by Kern, score & parts
So help me
PWC# 2287-3, by Berlin, score & parts
Someone stole Gabriel's horn
PWC# 0724, by Hayes, Mills and Washington, score & parts
Something had to happen
PWC# 2310, by Kern, score & parts
Song of the vagabonds
PWC# 2331-6, by Friml, parts only
Spanish medley (Belle of Barcelona, Lady of Spain)
PWC# 3319, score & parts
Straight from the shoulder
PWC# 2391, by Revel, parts only
Sweet Georgia Brown
PWC# 2440-2, by Bernie, Pinkard and Casey, score & parts
Take me in your arms
PWC# 2482, by Markush, Rotter and Parish, score & parts
Thank you for a lovely evening
PWC# 2515, by McHugh, score & parts
That's how rhythm was born
PWC# 2536, by Johnson, Whiting and Schwartz, score & parts
That's life
PWC# 2537, by Duke, score & parts
There's nothing else to do in Ma-la-ka-mo-ka-lu
PWC# 1538, by Friend and Mitchell, parts only
This little piggy went to market
PWC# 1983, by Lewis, parts only
Three on a match
PWC# 2589, by Fiorito, score & parts
Touch of your hand
PWC# 2626-2, by Kern, score & parts
PWC# 2644, by Samuels and Whitcup, score & parts
Wagon wheels
PWC# 2709, by DeRose, parts only
We're not dressing medley
PWC# 3383, score & parts
We're through
PWC# 2757, score & parts
When a St. Louis woman comes down to New Orleans
PWC# 1527, by Johnston, Coslow and Austin, score & parts
When do we dance
PWC# 2606, by Gershwin, score & parts
When morning rolls around
PWC# 2802, by Campbell, Connelly and Woods, parts only
Winter/Fit as a fiddle (medley)
PWC# 3396, score & parts
Wonder bar
PWC# 2894, by Warren, score & parts
PWC# 2924-2, by Donaldson, score & parts
You were born to be kissed
PWC# 2955
You're an old smoothie
PWC# 2969-4, by DeSylva, Whiting and Brown, score & parts
You're such a comfort to me
PWC# 2977, by Revel, parts only
You're telling me
PWC# 2978, by Donaldson, score & parts
You've got everything
PWC# 2984, by Donaldson, score & parts
PWC# 2989-1, by Coward, score only