Arrangements by Irving Szathmary, G-J

Note: all include score and parts unless otherwise noted

Gershwin medley
PWC# 3118, by Gershwin
Get happy
PWC# 0744-3, by Arlen
Go fly a kite
PWC# 0764-1, by Monaco
PWC# 0764-2, ibid.
Goody goodbye
PWC# 0788, by Cavanaugh and Simon
Gotta get some shut-eye
PWC# 0795-2, by Donaldson
PWC# 0813-1, by Youmans
Hang your heart on a hickory limb
PWC# 0817, by Monaco
Hoiriger schottische
PWC# 0879, by Grosz, score and one part
Hold tight, hold tight
PWC# 0891, by Kent, Brandow, Robinson, Spotswood and Ware
Holy smoke, can't ya take a joke
PWC# 0897, by Marsh, score and one part
PWC# 0904
Hooray for spinach
PWC# 0913-1, by Warren, parts only
PWC# 0913-2, ibid., score and parts
Hot gavotte
PWC# 0918, by Cavanaugh, Redmond and Weldon, score and one part
How deep is the ocean
PWC# 0929-1, by Berlin, score only
Hurry home, They say, Simple and sweet: medley
PWC# 3200, by Meyer, Bernier and Emmerich; Mann and Weiss
I cried for you, now it's your turn to cry over me
PWC# 0964, by Arnheim, Lyman and Freed
I go for that
PWC# 0987-2, by Malneck
I go for that, What have you got, Two sleepy people: medley
PWC# 3156
I got rhythm
PWC# 0992-6, by Gershwin
I guess I'll have to dream the rest
PWC# 0994, by Green, Block and Stoner
I let a song go out of my heart, Music maestro please, Where in the world, I married an Angel: medley
PWC# 3158
I like to recognize the tune
PWC# 1008, by Rodgers
I married an angel, Please be kind, Lambeth walk: medley
PWC# 3159
I may be wrong but I think you're wonderful
PWC# 1019-2, by Sullivan
I must see Annie tonight
PWC# 1023, by Friend
I thought about you
PWC# 1040, by Van Heusen
I used to be colorblind
PWC# 1043-1, by Berlin
I want my share of love
PWC# 1047, by Cahn
I'm afraid the masquerade is over
PWC# 1586-1, by Wrubel
In the mood
PWC# 1169, by Razaf and Garland
It had to be you
PWC# 1209-1, by Jones
I've got a date with a dream
PWC# 1235, by Revel
I've got a pocketful of dreams
PWC# 1238-1, by Monaco
Japanese sandman
PWC# 1250-1, by Whiting
PWC# 1250-3, ibid.
Jeepers creepers
PWC# 1258-1, by Warren
Junebugs dance
PWC# 1277, by Holst
Just a kid named Joe
PWC# 1282, by Livingston