Arrangements by Suesse

Afternoon of a black faun
PWC# 0017, arranged by Mayers, score & parts
All God's chillun; got love
PWC# 0033, arranged by Suesse/Wolcott, parts only
Blue moonlight
PWC# 0203, arranged by Deutsch, score & parts
Concerto in three rhythms
PWC# 0389, arranged by Grofe, score & parts
Evening in Harlem
PWC# 0614, arranged by Deutsch, score & parts
Gone with the dawn (composed with Rose & Joseloff)
PWC# 0777, arranged by VanEps, score & parts
Have you forgotten (composed with Shilkret)
PWC# 0834, arranged by Bargy, score & parts
Jazz nocturne
PWC# 1255-1, arranged by Mason, parts only
PWC# 1255-2, arranged by Huxley, score & parts
Lone star
PWC# 1443, arranged by Spialek, score only
Night is young
PWC# 1788-1, arranged by ? , parts only
PWC# 1788-2, arranged by Cutter, score & parts
PWC# 1788-3, arranged by Spialek, score & parts, includes rescore by Cutter
PWC# 1788-4, arranged by Leeman, score & parts
PWC# 1788-5, arranged by Mundy, score only
PWC# 1788-6, arranged by VanEps, score & parts
PWC# 1788-7, arranged by VanEps, score & parts
Table in the corner
PWC# 2472, arranged by Letford, score & parts
Valses for piano and orchestra
PWC# 2708, arranged by Deutsch, parts only
You ought to be in pictures
PWC# 2945, arranged by ? , parts only
You're like a toy balloon
PWC# 2628, arranged by Cutter, score only