Arrangements by Richard Rodgers M-Z

March of the clowns (Jumbo)
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 1559-1, parts only
March of the clowns
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 1559-2, parts only
arranged by Watson, PWC# 1692, 2 parts only
My heart stood still
arranged by Rodgers-Challis, PWC# 1722-1, score & parts; includes rescore by Clalloff
arranged by Paul, PWC# 1722-2, parts only
arranged by Rodgers-Huxley, PWC# 1722-3, score & parts
arranged by Letford, PWC# 1722-4, score & parts
My romance
arranged by Cutter, PWC# 1757, score & parts
Oklahoma medley (O what a beautiful morning, People will say we're in love, Oklahoma)
arranged by Sack, PWC# 1859, score & parts
On your toes
arranged by VanEps, PWC# 1896-1, score & parts
arranged by Watson, PWC# 1896-2, score & parts
People will say
arranged by ? , PWC# 1970, 2 parts only
Rodgers and Hart medley (This can't be love, I didn't know what time it was, Where or when)
arranged by Sack, PWC# 3279, score & parts
arranged by ? , PWC# 3280, parts only
Rodgers and Hart overture
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 3281, score & parts
Ship without a sail
arranged by Hayton, PWC# 2213, score & parts
Shortest day in the year
arranged by Leeman, PWC# 2218, score & parts
arranged by Hopkins, PWC# 2240, score & parts
Sing and Mimi medley
arranged by Wolcott, PWC# 3304, parts only
Sing for your supper
arranged by Leeman, PWC# 2248-1, score & parts
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 2248-2, score & parts
Slaughter on 10th Avenue
arranged by Spialek, PWC# 2272, score & parts
Song of the razorbacks
arranged by ? , PWC# 2330, parts only
arranged by Hopkins, PWC# 2283, score & parts
Spring is here
arranged by VanEps, PWC# 2361, score & parts
Spring is here medley
arranged by Bargy, PWC# 3333, score & parts
Spring song
arranged by Nussbaum, PWC# 2362, score & parts
That's love
arranged by Ades, PWC# 2539, parts only
There's a boy in Harlem
arranged by VanEps, PWC# 2556, score & parts
There's a small hotel
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 2559-1, score & parts
arranged by Nussbaum, PWC# 2559-2, score & parts
arranged by VanEps, PWC# 2559-3, score & parts
This can't be love
arranged by Leeman, PWC# 2571-1, score & parts
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 2571-2, parts only
Thou swell
arranged by Mundy, PWC# 2581-1, score & parts
arranged by Rodgers-VanCleave, PWC# 2581-2, score & parts
Too many girls medley (Love never went to college, I like to recognize the tune, I didn't know what time it was)
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 3357, score & parts
With a song in my heart
arranged by Nussbaum, PWC# 2882, score & parts
You took advantage of me
arranged by Leeman, PWC# 2950-1, score & parts
arranged by Livingston, PWC# 2950-2, score & parts
arranged by Satterfield, PWC# 2950-3, parts only