Arrangements by Richard Rodgers A-L

All point west
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 0041, parts only
Blue room
arranged by Challis, PWC# 0209-1, score & parts
Blue room
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 0209-2, score & parts
Boys from Syracuse medley
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 3034, score & parts
Circus on parade
arranged by ? , PWC# 0364-1, parts only
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 0364-2, score & parts
Connecticut Yankee medley
arranged by Wolcott, PWC# 0392-1, score & parts
arranged by Paul, PWC# 0392-2, parts only
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 0392-3, score & parts
Dearest enemy sketch
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 3073, score & parts
Do I hear you saying 'I love you'
arranged by Satterfield, PWC# 0520, score & parts
Doll gets broken
arranged by Bargy, PWC# 0537, parts only
Egern on the Tegern
arranged by Quiggley, PWC# 0589, score & parts
Falling in love with love
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 0641, score & parts
Garrick gaieties medley
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 0728, score & parts
Girl friend medley
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 0751-1, score & parts
Girl friend
arranged by Grofe , PWC# 0751-2, score & parts
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 0751-3, score & parts
arranged by Wolcott, PWC# 0751-4, score & parts
I didn't know what time it was
arranged by Leeman, PWC# 0965-1, score & parts
arranged by VanEps, PWC# 0965-2, score & parts
I like to recognize the tune
arranged by Szathmary, PWC# 1008, score & parts
I married an angel
arranged by ? , PWC# 1018-1, score & parts
arranged by VanEps, PWC# 1018-2, score & parts
arranged by ? , PWC# 1018-3, parts only
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 3157 (medley) , score & parts
Introduction to Madison Square: the Circus on parade
arranged by Nussbaum, PWC# 1194, score & parts
Introduction to spring song
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 1195, parts only
It's got to be love
arranged by VanEps, PWC# 1227-1, score & parts
It's got to be love
arranged by Salinger, PWC# 1227-2, score & parts
Little girl blue
arranged by Salinger, PWC# 1415, score only
Little girls don't fight
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 1417, parts only
Love me tonight medley (Love me tonight, Isn't it romantic)
arranged by Bargy , PWC# 3193-1, score & parts
Love me tonight medley
arranged by Mason, PWC# 3193-2, parts only
Love never went to college
arranged by Szathmary, PWC# 1493, score & parts
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 1507-1, score & parts
arranged by Huxley, PWC# 1507-2, score & parts
arranged by Kelly, PWC# 1507-3, score & parts
arranged by Sack, PWC# 1507-4, score & parts