Arrangements by Mundy P-S

Parade of the bearded clam
PWC# 1950, composed by Mundy, parts only
Pick a rib
PWC# 1980, composed by Goodman et al., score & parts
Poor you
PWC# 2006, composed by Lane, score & parts
Put put put your arms around me
PWC# 2031, composed by Livingston et al. , score & parts
Serenade in blue
PWC# 2182, composed by Warren, score & parts
Sinner kissed an angel
PWC# 2259, composed by Joseph, score & parts
PWC# 2270, composed by Carmichael, score & parts
Sleepy lagoon
PWC# 2274, composed by Coates, score & parts
Small world
PWC# 2279, composed by Fryberg et al. , score & parts
Somebody else is taking my place
PWC# 2299, composed by Howard et al. , score & parts
Step and fetch it
PWC# 2378, composed by Mundy, score & parts
Stompin at the Savoy
PWC# 2384-3, composed by Goodman et al. , score & parts
String of pearls
PWC# 2400, composed by Gray, score & parts
Sweet Eloise
PWC# 2439, composed by Morgan, score & parts
Sweet Sue
PWC# 2446-1, composed by Young, score & parts
Swing low sweet chariot
PWC# 2459-1, traditional, parts only