Arrangements by Mundy K-O

KALAMAZoo that's my home town
PWC# 1294-1, composed by Gumble et al., score & 1 part
PWC# 1294-2, composed by Gumble et al., score & parts
Lady be good
PWC# 1331-2, composed by Gershwin, score & 4 parts
Last call for love
PWC# 1351, composed by Harburg et al., score & parts
Light a candle in the chapel
PWC# 1398, composed by Nelson et al. , score & parts
PWC# 1469-3, composed by Whiting, score & parts
Manhattan serenade
PWC# 1554-3, composed by Alter, score & parts
Miss you
PWC# 1646-1, composed by Tobias, parts only
Mr. Music Master
PWC# 1655, composed by Van Heusen, score & parts
Moonlight on the Ganges
PWC# 1681-2, composed by Myers, score & parts
My blue heaven
PWC# 1703-5, composed by Donaldson, score & parts
My melancholy baby
PWC# 1604-4, composed by Burnett, score & parts
Nigh and day
PWC# 1786-1, composed by Porter, score & parts
Night is young and you're so beautiful
PWC# 1788-5, composed by Suesse, score only
Night ride of a gnat
PWC# 1793-1, composed by Mundy, score & parts
PWC# 1793-2, composed by Mundy, score & parts
PWC# 1797, composed by ? , score & parts
Ode to a bumblebee's bottom
PWC# 1838, composed by Templeton, score & parts