Arrangements by Mundy E-J

Echoes of Harlem
PWC# 0586, composed by Ellington, score only
PWC# 0587, composed by Leonard, score & parts
Everything I love
PWC# 0626, composed by Porter, score & parts
PWC# 0679, composed by Grouya, parts only
General cried at dawn
PWC# 0734, composed by Janssen, score & parts
Golden cowboy
PWC# 0772, composed by ? , score & parts
Here you are
PWC# 0858, composed by Rainger, score & parts
He's A-1 in the Army
PWC# 0864, composed by ? , score & parts
Hip hip hooray
PWC# 0875, composed by Nemo & Ebbins, score & parts
How long did I dream
PWC# 0932, composed by Van Heusen, score & parts
I can't believe that you're in love with me
PWC# 0954, composed by McHugh , score & parts
I don't want to walk without you
PWC# 0970-1, composed by Styne, score & parts
PWC# 0970-2, composed by Styne, score & parts
I guess I'll have to change my plans
PWC# 0993, composed by Schwartz, score & parts
I kiss your hand madame
PWC# 1000-2, composed by Erwin, score & parts
I know why
PWC# 1003, composed by Morgan, score & parts
I laughed at love
PWC# 1004, composed by Katscher, score & parts
I love you
PWC# 1014, composed by Gershwin, score & parts
I never knew I could love anybody
PWC# 0882, composed by Pitts et al. , score & parts Idaho
PWC# 1069, composed by Stone, score only
I'm flyin' home to Pittsburgh PA
PWC# 0690, composed by ? , score & parts
I'm old fashioned
PWC# 1130, composed by Kern, score & parts
I'm somebody nobody loves
PWC# 2302, composed by Akst et al. , score & parts
Jersey bounce
PWC# 1259, composed by Plater et al. , score & parts
Jingle jangle jingle
PWC# 1264, composed by Lilley, score & parts
Johnny doughboy
PWC# 1270, composed by ? , score only