Arrangements by Ferde Grofé - L

Lady of the Morning
PWC# 1335, composed by Messenheimer & Burton, score & parts
Last Night on the Back Porch
PWC# 1355-1, composed by Brown & Schraubstader, score only
Last Rose of Summer
PWC# 1356, traditional, score & parts
PWC# 1362-1, composed by Berlin, score & 2 parts
Learn to Smile
PWC# 1365, composed by Hirsch, score only
Let Me Linger Longer in Your Arms
PWC# 1370, composed by Baer, score & parts
Like You
PWC# 1401, composed by Kalman, score & parts
Little Old Clock on the Mantle
PWC# 1408, composed by Fiorito, score & 1 part
Little Pal
PWC# 1426, composed by DeSylva et al., score & parts
Little Spanish Dancer
PWC# 1429, composed by Wayne, score & parts
PWC# 1438, composed by Stept, score & parts
Lonely Eyes
PWC# 1446, composed by Davis et al., score & parts
Lonely Little Melody
PWC# 1447, composed by Stamper, score & 1 part
Lonely Nest
PWC# 1449, composed by Herbert, score only
Love and Kisses
PWC# 1474, composed by Baker et al., score & parts
Love has a Way
PWC# 1476, composed by Schertzinger, score & 2 parts
Love Me
PWC# 1487, composed by Aivaz, score & parts
Love Once Sang a Song to Me
PWC# 1495, composed by ? , score & 1 part
Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses
PWC# 1497, composed by Openshaw, score only
Lover Come Back to Me
PWC# 1508-2, composed by Romberg, score & parts
Lucky Day
PWC# 1512, composed by Henderson, score & parts
Lucky Kentucky
PWC# 1513, composed by Henderson, score & 1 part
Lulu Belle
PWC# 1522, composed by Myers, score & parts