Arrangements by Ferde Grofé - S

PWC# 2141-1, composed by Goldmark, score & parts, includes rescore by Foster Cope
Same Old Moon
PWC# 2147, composed by Harback et al., score & parts
Sea Burial
PWC# 2172, composed by Lane, parts only
Second Rhapsody
PWC# 2174-2, composed by Gershwin, parts only
PWC# 2179-1, composed by Drigo, parts only
Shady Tree
PWC# 2192-1, composed by Donaldson, score & parts
Shaking the Blues Away
PWC# 2195, composed by Berlin, score & parts
Shanghai Dream Man
PWC# 2197, composed by Davis et al., score & parts
Silver Moon
PWC# 2233, composed by Romberg, score & parts
Sing a Little Love Song
PWC# 2241, composed by Conrad et al., score & parts
PWC# 2249, composed by Norman, score & parts
Slappin' the Bass
PWC# 2271, composed by Phillips et al., score only
So Blue
PWC# 2286, composed by Crawford, score & parts
Somebody Loves Me
PWC# 2300-1, composed by Gershwin, score & 2 parts
Someone to Watch Over Me
PWC# 2309, composed by Gershwin, score & parts
Something to Remember You by
PWC# 2313, composed by Schwartz, score & parts
Song of Siberia
PWC# 2321, composed by Lewis et al., score & parts
Song of Songs
PWC# 2322-1, composed by Moya, score & 1 part
Song of the Congo
PWC# 2325, composed by Perkins, score & parts
Song of the Dawn
PWC# 2326-1, composed by Ager, parts only
PWC# 2326-2, composed by Ager, parts only
Song of the Vagabonds
PWC# 2331-4, composed by Friml, score & parts
Song of the Wanderer
PWC# 2332, composed by Moret, score & parts
Southern Rose
PWC# 2348, composed by Mayerl, score & parts
PWC# 2351, composed by Jones, score & parts
Spring, Beautiful Spring
PWC# 2360, composed by ? , parts only
PWC# 2364, composed by Berlin, score only
PWC# 2376, composed by Sullivan, score only
Step Henrietta
PWC# 2380, composed by DeSylva et al., score & 1 part
Steppin' in Society
PWC# 2382, composed by Akst, score & parts
Strike up the Band
PWC# 2399-2, composed by Gershwin, score & parts
PWC# 2423, composed by Friend, score & 3 parts
PWC# 2426, composed by Berlin, score & parts
Sweet and Low Down
PWC# 2435, composed by Gershwin, parts only
Sweet Child
PWC# 2437, composed by Whiting et al., score & parts
Sweet One
PWC# 2445, composed by Jolson et al., score & 1 part
Sweetheart Lane
PWC# 2449, composed by ? , score only
Sweetie Pie
PWC# 2455, composed by Roberts, score & 2 parts
PWC# 2471, composed by ? , parts only