Arrangements by Ferde Grofé - P-R

Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil
PWC# 1941, composed by Berlin, score & 1 part
Pal of My Cradle Days
PWC# 1945, composed by Piantadosi, score & parts
Pale Venetian Moon
PWC# 1947, composed by Kern, score only
La Paloma
PWC# 1324, composed by Yradier, score & parts
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
PWC# 1951-1, composed by Jessel, score & parts
PWC# 1951-2, composed by Jessel, score & parts
Paradise Alley
PWC# 1952, composed by Archer et al., score & 1 part
Peaceful Valley
PWC# 1960-2, composed by Robison, score only
Persimmon Pucker
PWC# 1974, composed by Lane, score & parts
Po Ling and Ming Toy
PWC# 1999-2, composed by Friml, parts only
Pomp and Circumstance
PWC# 2002-2, composed by Elgar, score & parts
Poor Butterfuly
PWC# 2003, composed by Hubbell, score & parts
Poor Little Rich Girl
PWC# 2004, composed by Coward, score & parts
PWC# 2014, composed by Rose, score & 1 part
PWC# 2017, composed by Pasternacki et al., score & parts
Prelude in C Sharp Minor
PWC# 2018, composed by Rachmaninoff, parts only
Pretty Lips
PWC# 2002-2, composed by Donaldson, score only
Prisoners Song
PWC# 2025-2, composed by Massey, score & parts
Ragamuffin Romeo
PWC# 2039-1, composed by Wayne, parts only
PWC# 2039-2, composed by Wayne, parts only
PWC# 2046-1, composed by ?, parts only
PWC# 2058-2, composed by Berlin, score & parts
PWC# 2060, composed by Aletter, score & parts
Rhapsody in Blue
PWC# 2066-2, composed by Gershwin, score & parts
PWC# 2066-3, composed by Gershwin, parts only
Rhythmic Dream
PWC# 2075-2, composed by Christian et al., parts only
Riff Song
PWC# 2079, composed by Romberg, score & parts
Riveter's Rag
PWC# 2092, composed by Vincent Rose, lyrics by Richard Coburn, parts only
Rose and a Kiss
PWC# 2109, composed by Wayne, score & parts
Rose Marie
PWC# 2110, composed by Friml, parts only
Rose Room
PWC# 2114-2, composed by Hickman, score & parts
Roses for Remembrance
PWC# 2117, composed by Curtis, score & parts
Roses of Yesterday
PWC# 2119, composed by Berlin, score & parts
Russian Rose
PWC# 2130, composed by DeRose et al., parts only