Arrangements by the Gershwins T-Z

Tell Me More
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 2505, score & parts, Apr.27, 1925
That American Boy of Mine
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 2523, score & publisher's stock copy, dated 1923
That Certain Feeling
arranged by Gershwin-Grofe, PWC# 2524-1, score & parts, dated Dec.23, 1925
arranged by Gershwin-VanCleave, PWC# 2524-2, score & parts, dated Jly.10, 1938
There's a Boat Dats Leavin'
arranged by Hopkins, PWC# 2554, score & parts, dated Feb.2, 1936, Woodbury Program
They Can't Take That Away From Me
arranged by LaVere, PWC# 2567, score & parts, dated Jly.1937, names on parts
When Do We Dance
arranged by Wolcott, PWC# 2606, score & parts
Who Cares
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 2844, score & parts, dated 1939
Wintergreen for President
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 2877, score & parts, dated 1934, includes extra parts
Yankee Doodle Blues
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 2919, score only, dated May 1922