Arrangements by the Gershwins M-S

The Man I Love
arranged by Burt (?), PWC# 1544-1, parts only
arranged by Challis, PWC# 1544-2, score & parts, names on parts, part for Beiderbecke
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 1544-3, parts only, dated May 1928, names on parts, part for Beiderbecke
arranged by Huxley, PWC# 1544-4, score & parts, dated 1931
arranged by Leeman, PWC# 1544-5, score & parts, dated Nov.21938
arranged by Thompson, PWC# 1544-6, score only, dated Sept.1937
arranged by VanEpps, PWC# 1544-7, score & parts, dated Apr.14, 1938
Mischa, Yascha, Toscha, Sascha
arranged by Brodsky-Mayers, PWC# 2153-1, score & parts, dated Jly.11, 1938
arranged by Hallenbeck, PWC# 2153-2, score & parts
Movie Medley
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 3234, score & parts, Jly.11, 1938, includes You Can't Take That Away, Work If You Can Get It, Love Walked In
Nice Work If You Can Get It
arranged by Bargy, PWC# 1784-1, score & parts
arranged by Szathmary, PWC# 1784-2, score & production part, dated June 28, 1939
Nobody But You
arranged by Hayton, PWC# 1809, score & parts, dated June 16, 1929, names on parts, part for Beiderbecke
Of Thee I Sing, Baby
arranged by Gershwin-Livingston, PWC# 1840, score & parts, dated 1932
Porgy and Bess Intro.
arranged by ? , PWC# 2011, parts only
Porgy and Bess, Selections From
arranged by Skiles, PWC# 3267, score & parts, dated Jly.10, 1938, includes additional parts, rescore of reeds, rescore of winds, rescore of measures 1-30
Preludes #1-3
arranged by Gershwin-Bargy, PWC# 2020, score & parts, Jly.11, 1938
Rhapsody In Blue
arranged by Gershwin-Bargy, PWC# 2066-1, score & parts, dated 1928, names on parts, part Beiderbecke
arranged by Gershwin-Grofe, PWC# 2066-2 , score & parts, dated Feb.4, 1924, score is of L.C. copy, additional and cut parts dated 1924-ca.1939
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 2066-3, Print Edition, parts only
Rhapsody In Blue, Fanfare #1-4
arranged by Cutter (?), PWC# 0646, score & parts
Rhapsody Theme
arranged by ? , PWC# 2057, parts only
Second Rhapsody
arranged by Gershwin-Bargy, PWC# 2174-1, score & parts, small orchestra, dated Oct. 1937includes additional parts, and rescore of reeds
arranged by Gershwin-Grofe, PWC# 2174-2, parts only
Shall We Dance
arranged by VanEpps, PWC# 2196, score & parts, dated 1937
Show Medley
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 3303, score & parts, dated Jly.10, 1938
Somebody Loves Me
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 2300-1, score and publisher's stock copy, dated Jly.20, 1924
arranged by VanEpps, PWC# 2300-2, score & parts, dated 1939, includes rescore of reeds
arranged by Watson, PWC# 2300-3, parts only
Someone To Watch Over Me
arranged by Gershwin-Grofe, PWC# 2309, score & parts, Jan.21, 1927, names on parts
Song of the Flame
arranged by Huxley, PWC# 2327, score & parts, dated 1931
arranged by Bargy, PWC# 2337, score & parts, dated Feb.9, 1930, names on parts
Strike Up the Band
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 2399-1, score & parts
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 2399-2, score & parts, Apr.28, 1930
arranged by Szathmary, PWC# 2399-4, score & parts, names on parts
arranged by Bargy, PWC# 2415-1, score & parts, dated Apr.18, 1936
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 2415-2, score & parts, dated Aug.1936
arranged by Plumb, PWC# 2415-3, score & parts
arranged by Thornhill, PWC# 2415-4, score & parts, dated Jly.10, 1938
arranged by Gershwin-Fredericks, PWC# 2429, score & parts, Sept.7, 1929, names on parts, part for Beiderbecke
Sweet and Low Down
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 2435, parts only, dated Dec.24, 1925
arranged by Gershwin-VanCleave, PWC# 2468, score & parts, dated Jly.22, 1939