Arrangements by the Gershwins A-D

An American in Paris
arranged by Huxley, PWC# 0059-1, score only
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 0059-2, score & parts, dated Oct.20, 1938
Bidin' My Time
arranged by Hallenbeck, PWC# 1197, score & parts, dated June 18, 1942
Clap Yo' Hands
arranged by Beittel, PWC# 0367-1, score & parts, dated 1941
arranged by Deutsch, PWC# 0367-2, score & parts, dated 1934, choral arrangement
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 0367-3, score & parts, dated Jan.28, 1927, names on parts
Concerto in F
arranged by VanCleave (?), PWC# 0388-1, 1st & 2d movements only, parts only, dated 1941-1942
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 0388-2, parts only, names on parts, parts for Beiderbecke
arranged by VanCleave, PWC# 0388-3, score & parts, dated Nov.11, 1945, includes misc. extra parts rescore of reeds
Cuban Overture
arranged by Small, PWC# 0421-1, score & parts, dated Oct.20, 1938
arranged by ? , PWC# 0421-2, parts only
Dawn of a New Day
arranged by Mayers, PWC# 0470-1, score & parts, Jly.10, 1938, arrangement
arranged by VanEpps, PWC# 0470-2, score & parts, Apr.29, 1938
Do, Do, Do
arranged by Grofe, PWC# 0519, score & parts, Jan.18, 1927, names parts, each part attached insert appears to be by Bargy
Do What You Do
arranged by Challis, PWC# 0523, score & parts, dated Sept.13, 1929, score is incomplete, part for Beiderbecke