Arrangements by Bill Challis T-W

Tain't so honey tain't so
PWC# 2479, composed by Robinson, score & parts
Take me out to the ball game
PWC# 2483, composed by Von Tilzer, score & parts
Then we canoe-dle-oodle along
PWC# 2550, composed by Woods et al., score & parts
There's a rainbow round my shoulder
PWC# 2558, composed by Jolson et al., score & parts
Tiger rag
PWC# 2595-2, composed by Original Dixieland Jazz Band, score & parts
Till we meet
PWC# 2599, composed by Fiorito, score & parts
Under a Texas moon
PWC# 2674, composed by Perkins, score & parts
Under the moon
PWC# 2676, composed by Snyder et al., score & parts
Waltz medley
PWC# 3376, composed by ? , score & parts
Washboard blues
PWC# 2729-1, composed by, Carmichael, parts only
PWC# 2729-3, composed by Carmichael, score & parts
West wind
PWC# 2759, composed by Youmans, score & parts
What would I care
PWC# 2775, composed by Ruby, score & parts
When a woman loves a man
PWC# 2787, composed by ? , score & parts
When the circus came to town
PWC# 2806, composed by Eaton et al., score & 2 parts
When the little red roses get the blues for you
PWC# 2808, composed by Burke, score & parts
When you're counting the stars alone
PWC# 2821, composed by Murray et al., score & parts
When you're smiling
PWC# 2823, composed by Fisher et al., score & parts
When you're with somebody else
PWC# 2824, composed by Etting & Baer, score & parts
Where is the song of songs for me
PWC# 2827, composed by Berlin, score & parts
Where the golden daffodils grow
PWC# 2830, composed by Archer, score & parts
PWC# 2851-1, composed by Davis et al., score & parts
Willow tree
PWC# 2871, composed by Waller, score & parts
Without a song
PWC# 2888-1, composed by Youmans, score & parts
Without you Emaline
PWC# 2892, composed by DeRose, score & parts
Would he do the same for me
PWC# 2906, composed by Challis(?), score & parts