Arrangements by Bill Challis K-L

Knockin' on wood
PWC# 1313, composed by Norvo, score & parts
Lady luck
PWC# 1333, composed by Perkins, score & parts
Lady on the two cent stamp
PWC# 1336, composed by Warren, score & parts
Language of love
PWC# 1346, composed by Wayne, score & parts
Let's do it
PWC# 1376, composed by Porter, score & parts
Like a dream
PWC# 1400, composed by Solomon et al., score & parts
Limehouse blues
PWC# 1404-3, composed by Braham, score & parts
Little log cabin of dreams
PWC# 1422, composed by Hanley, score & parts
PWC# 1436-3, composed by Gershwin, score & parts
Lovely melody
PWC# 1448-1, composed by Dyson et al., score & parts
PWC# 1467-1, composed by Johnson, score & parts
PWC# 1470, composed by Woods, score & parts
Love made a gypsy out of me
PWC# 1486, composed by Phillips et al., score & parts
Love nest
PWC# 1492 , composed by Hirsch, score & parts