Arrangements by Bill Challis H-J

PWC# 0813-4, composed by Youmans, score & parts
Happy because I'm in love
PWC# 0819, composed by Youmans, score & parts
Happy days are here again
PWC# 0820-1, composed by Ager, score & parts
Havin' myself a time
PWC# 0836, composed by Robin, score & parts
Hay straw
PWC# 0837-2, composed by Youmans, score & parts
PWC# 0905, composed by Simons et al., score & parts
Honeysuckle rose
PWC# 0909-1, composed by Waller, score & parts
Hot lips
PWC# 0919, composed by Busse et al., score & parts
How about me
PWC# 0923-1, composed by Berlin, parts only
How can I love again
PWC# 0928, composed by ? , score & parts
How'ja like to love me
PWC# 0937-2, composed by Lane, score & parts
Huggable kissable you
PWC# 0939, composed by Bibo, score & parts
I fall in love with you every day
PWC# 0975-1, composed by Altman et al., score & parts
I know that you know
PWC# 1002-1, composed by Youmans, score & 1 part
I never dreamt
PWC# 1025, composed by Parsons, score & parts
I still remember
PWC# 1036, composed by DeRose et al., score & parts
I want to be bad
PWC# 1048, composed by DeSylva et al., score & parts
I was doing all right
PWC# 1051, composed by Gershwin, score & parts
I was made to love you
PWC# 1054, composed by Veo & Tauber, score & parts
I wish you knew
PWC# 1057, composed by Frazer & Breen, score & parts
If I had you
PWC# 1074-1, composed by Shapiro et al., score & parts
If I were king
PWC# 1078, composed by Chase & Coslow, score & parts
I'll never ask for more
PWC# 1098, composed by Ahlert, parts only
I'm disappointed in you
PWC# 1112, composed by Beidleman et al., score & parts
I'm in love with you
PWC# 1123, composed by Titsworth & Cowan, score & parts
I'm in seventh heaven
PWC# 1124, composed by Jolson et al., score & parts
I'm not me, I'm you
PWC# 1129, composed by ? , score & parts
In a mist
PWC# 1152-1, composed by Beiderbecke, score & parts
Is it gonna be long
PWC# 1198, composed by Cowan & Whiting, score & parts
I've got a feeling I'm falling
PWC# 1236, composed by Link & Waller, score & parts
I've made a habit of you
PWC# 1244-2, composed by Schwartz, score & parts
Jamboree Jones
PWC# 1247, composed by Mercer, score & parts
John Peel
PWC# 1269-1, traditional, score only
PWC# 1280, composed by Donaldson, score & parts