Arrangements by Bill Challis A-C

After you
PWC# 0014, composed by Porter, score & 2 parts
Ain't misbehavin'
PWC# 0021-1, composed by Waller et al., score & parts
Back in your own back yard
PWC# 0123, composed by Jolson et al., score & parts
Because my baby don't mean maybe now
PWC# 0151, composed by Donaldson, score & parts
Blue room
PWC# 0209-1, composed by Rodgers, score & parts
Born to swing
PWC# 0233, composed by Nemo, score & parts
Bottoms up medley
PWC# 3031, composed by Friend & White, score & parts
Building a nest for Mary
PWC# 0260, composed by Greer, score & parts
California here I come
PWC# 0284, composed by Meyer et al., score & parts
PWC# 0324, composed by Donaldson, score & parts
Clarinette marmalade blues
PWC# 0369-1, composed by Shields, parts only
PWC# 0401-1, composed by Berlin, parts only
Cowboy from Brooklyn
PWC# 0409, composed by Warren, score & parts
Cradle of love
PWC# 0411-1, composed by Wayne, score & parts
PWC# 0411-2, composed by Wayne, parts only
Cryin' for the Carolinas
PWC# 0417, composed by Warren, score & parts
D natural blues
PWC# 0426, composed by ? , score & parts