Accessing and Protecting
the Collections

College Archives is the repository of a variety of College records and other materials.  Many College records, including publications, policies and other materials that were publicly available when created or published, are available for research without limitation.  Other College records involving non-public College business or the privacy interests of individuals are subject to limitations on access, as set forth below.

  • Board of Trustee records (restricted for 50 years from date of creation)
  • Presidential papers and records (restricted for 50 years from date of creation)
  • Office of Human Resources records (restricted for 30 years from date of earlier of employee retirement, death or departure)
  • Office of Human Resources Presidents records (restricted for 150 years after death)
  • Student records (permanently restricted, contact the Office of the Registrar)

Individual offices and departments may place restrictions on records and the College Archives honors these restrictions. Additionally, the College Archives may impose restrictions on collections and records as needed. Restricted records are available for review by authorized staff from the office of origin. Other requests for access to restricted records may be addressed to the College Archivist, who will consider such requests in consultation with appropriate College officers, including one or more of the Librarians, the Secretary of the College, the Dean of the College, the Dean of the Faculty, the Director of Human Resources and the College Counsel.  Subpoenas or other legal process involving access to restricted records will be referred to College Counsel.

Access Restrictions
Access to certain collections may be governed by restrictions placed on the materials by their donors or depositors, or by the physical condition of the material. Typically, unaccessioned and unprocessed collections are not available to researchers. However, some exceptions may apply. If you have questions regarding access restrictions, feel free to speak with a member of the Archives staff.

Protection of the Collections
We ask for your aid in preserving our collections and to please take care when examining materials. No items may be removed from the Reading Room, and the original order of all manuscripts and folders must be maintained. The use of any kind of pen is prohibited; pencils are available upon request. Materials should not be written upon, traced, or handled in any way likely to damage them. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Reading Room, and smoking is prohibited.

Because so many of the Archives' collections are unique or rare, materials do not circulate. However, we will consider loaning material on a case by case basis. Moreover, we do not typically accept materials on loan from donors, with the exception of something being used in an exhibition or other temporary display. Please contact the Archives staff with questions.