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The papers that compose the F. TAYLOR OSTRANDER PAPERS consist of most of his class notes, papers, and syllabi from his time at Williams College and several short memoirs of his education and career.

Most of the class notes were organized prior to being donated. Several courses' notes were transcribed and published as a part of the series Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, edited by Warren J. Samuels.

For each of the classes, Ostrander kept careful record of when the class was taken, the title of the course, and the professor(s) who taught it. He has detailed class notes, as well exams, papers, and syllabi from many of the classes, and a careful record of his honors work in economics. The courses include those from Economics, History, Political Science, and Philosophy, as well as a smattering of classes in Latin, French, English, and Geology.

Ostrander has further included recollections from his time at Williams, his work with the Marshall Plan and other incidences throughout his life. These memoirs, when combined with the class notes, create a vivid image of Ostrander's interests and Williams education, as well as providing illumination into the economic and political standings of the time.

F. Taylor Ostrander (1910- ) Papers, 1928-2007

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