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Box 1
History 1-2, Modern European history (Newhall, T.C. Smith, Buffington, Telford Taylor), 1928-1929
Latin 1-2, Latin poets, Roman history (Maurice Avery), 1928-1929
Political Science 1-2, Comparative government (Peter Odegard, Telford Taylor), 1928-1929
Economics 1, Introduction to economics (Walter B. Smith), 1929-1930
Economics 2, Introduction to economics (Walter B. Smith), 1929-1930
French 7-8, French drama (Vacariello), 1929-1930
Geology 1-2 (Cleland, E.L. 'Doe' Perry), 1929-1930
Philosophy 1, Outline of psychology, Philosophy 2, Outline of ethics (James Bissett Pratt), 1929-1930
Political Science 5 (Peter Odegard), fall 1929
Economics 5, Money and banking (Walter B. Smith), fall 1930
Economics 6, Money and banking, public finance (W.H. Wynne), 1930-1931
English 5-6, Neo-classic and romantic poets (John Hawley Roberts), 1930-1931
History 3-4, History of the United States, 1789-1921: leadership & political parties (T.C. Smith), 1930-1931
Philosophy 3, History of philosophy (James Bissett Pratt), fall 1930
Philosophy 4, History of philosophy (James Bissett Pratt), spring 1931
Political Science 4, Review of political theory (Sir George Young), 1930
Economics 7-8, Modern economic problems (W.J. Ballinger, W. Edwards Beach), 1931-1932
Economics 9, History of economic thought (David Taggart Clark), fall 1931
English 14, Contemporary English novel (John Hawley Roberts), spring 1932
History 5-6, Modern European history (Richard A. Newhall, Paul Birdsall), 1931-1932
Philosophy 7-8, Contemporary metaphysics (John William Miller), 1931-1932
Political Science 14, International law (Charles Fairman), spring 1932

Recollections and other writings
Box 2
My honors work in economics at Williams 1930-1932
Recollections of meeting Henry Miller in Paris in 1939
The Williams College Liberal Club: its founding and early days, 1930-1932
A cheer for the Williams College that was
F. Taylor Ostrander, a full career summary
Further reflections on the background and origin of the Colm-Dodge-Goldsmith Commission's study
My college class notes and how they came to be published
The 1948 monetary reform in western Germany, includes opening remarks
Notes about the members of the Colm-Dodge-Goldsmith Commission
Recollections of life and work in post-war Germany 1945-1948
Summary of my comments at the German TV recording station Williamstown March 14th, 1998
The Marshall Plan and early NATO revisited
Correspondence with Pres. Shapiro
Recollections of many years enjoyment of Russian church music
Williams Liberal Club Executive Committee
A letter home about the Nazis and the Oxford Union debate, 1933
How I came to work in the Marshall Plan in Paris
Why were we all so wrong about Africa's future, 35 years ago
Recollections of my years at Queen's College, Oxford in 1932-1933
An ironic mistake!

F. Taylor Ostrander (1910- ) Papers, 1928-2007

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