Natural History of the Berkshires (BIOL 225, ENVI 225, INTR 225)

Research hint #1: The Archives' staff is here to help you.  Don't hesitate to set up an appointment to meet with Archives staff.

Research hint #2: The Archives/Chapin Library reading room is open Monday through Friday 10-5 only.  Use your time wisely.  If copies of material exist in Sawyer or Schow, don't waste your time using the Archives' copies: use the copies in the other libraries.

Research hint #3: Using primary sources can be time consuming.  Start your work early.

Research hint #4: Some of our collections are very fragile.  Take care when handling, so future students will be able to enjoy them too.

The Archives' holdings are diverse.  You will find very different information in each type of collection.  Additional research hints are included for each of these resources.



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