Natural History of the Berkshires -- Photographs

Research hint #1: Photography was born in 1842, and paper prints didn't become readily available until the 1860s.  For visual information before these years look in prints, drawings, maps, etc.

Research hint #2: Look for images titled with the name of your site.  Not all sites will have a folder of images in our collections, however.  Therefore you should review images of locations in close proximity to your site or of groups that may have used your site.  Look through Williams College and Williamstown images.  Aerial views may be especially helpful.

Research hint #3: Pay attention to the orientation of the image to determine the image's usefulness.  Landmarks, buildings, mountain ranges, etc. will aid you.  Landmarks may also help you date an image that has not already been dated.

Useful collections include:

  • The College Archives photograph collections: 50,000 images organized by person, place or group

  • Collections of individual photographers: Cyrus Dodd photograph albums, 1880s-1890s; Davidson photograph collection, 1897-1898; Stern photograph collection, 1907-1950s
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