Mount Hope Farm blueprints

Small Folder #3 Garden, Wall, Porch, Drawers, Main House Elevations and Plans

Green River Road retaining wall (Williams Wall)
Bridge wing walls (10/22/28)
Profiles for Plan No.1 and Plan No.2
Plan of gardens showing data on blasting (9/1930)
Plan of east wall of garden marked "G-E" (11/20/25)
Sketch of west side (11/11/30)
Plan of wall of garden marked "G" (11/17/25)
Layout of porch ceilings (1/24; Clarendon Marble Co.)
Bronze roof over vest porch (7/26/27; Tiffany Studios)
Breakfast porch (6/11/25; Charles K. B. Nevin)
Countershelf and drawers in flower room (9/9/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Sketch of front (11/11/30)
West elevation (9/30/37; Revised 10/15/37; 10/27/37; 11/6/37; 12/20/37)

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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