Mount Hope Farm blueprints

Small Folder #2 Boilers, Bench, Pilasters, Swimming Pool

Various boiler plans including ash pit, headers, valves, and room layout
Sketch of boilers
Position indicator for all floors (11/2/28)
Horizontal and vertical flashlight indicator (10/22/28)
Pilasters in first floor hall (8/23/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Elm Tree House pilasters (10/14/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Plan of electric conduit (11/30; Tuller)
Various Elevations 12/30/30
Scale drawing of bench
Front and end elevations of marble seat (4/20/24; Clarendon Marble Co.)
Marble columns for swimming pool (summer 1927; Mr. Nevin)
Plan of swimming pool
Cole Avenue House- first floor plan
Cole Avenue House- elevations

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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