Mount Hope Farm blueprints

Small Folder #13 Art Decorations, Driveways

Pedestal plans
S.W. Room (5/5/28)
Details (Tiffany Studios)
Cornice for Porte Cochete Hall (7/26/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Bronze railing for pool (Puritan Iron Works)
Detail of bronze pipe rail for swimming pool (8/3/28; General Bronze Corp)
Diagonal mesh, yellow bronze, white Japan finish (10/8/28; Puritan Iron Works)
Detail of bronze from a door (10/5/28; Puritan Iron Works)
Walnut Library mantel (10/10/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Greylock (C S Hammond and co)
Cross sections of Proposed Driveway for E. Parmalee Prentice (J P Barnes Engineer) (1 part)
Plan of Hopper Road development (12/1964)
Hemlock Rd (3/1927; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Various Roads (6 parts)
Letter from W.N. Tuller to Mr. Roberts (10/21/27)
Specification of semi-detached farm houses (3/1911; Oswald C. Hering and Douglass Fitch, Architects)

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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