Mount Hope Farm blueprints

Small Folder #12 Gates and Bridges, Tables

Detail of steel plate on outside of 20"- 70" I-Beams, Stone Barn Bridge
Erection plan of stone barn bridge, two in series (Puritan Iron Works)
Sketch of bridge (United Construction Company)
Bride stabilization plan (11/30/76; D. Westall)
Bridge railing for Mt Hope Farm garage (1/20/31)
Bridge materials shipping orders, 9 parts (6/30/27; 4/11/30 Eastern Bridge and Structural Co)
Plan showing structural steel for bridge over Green River (5/46)
Plan showing reinforcing steel for bridge over Green River (5/46)
Mount Hope Farm Bridge (9/21/22; Peare, Quiner, Nevin, and Chickering)
Special kitchen table (8/9/28; A.R.R)
Proposed wood organ enclosure, blueprints (1/28; Barlow)
Special pantry table (8/9/28; A.R.R Duparquet Co)
Details of anchors for stone work over Loggia (1/30/25; Jas. Gamble Rogers)
Detail of pilaster emergency reflectors

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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