Mount Hope Farm blueprints

Large Folder #7A Driveways, Maps

Cross Sections of Proposed driveway for E. Parmalee Prentice (3 parts)
Profile of proposed Driveway for E. Parmalee Prentice (J P Barnes Engineer)
Profile for proposed roads (12/1930, W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Proposed road through woods (12/1926; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Profile main driveway (10/1912; Wayne E. Stills)
Hollow doors and jambs (8/12/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Plan of proposed road to mansion (8/1924; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Profile- proposed road (5/1924; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)

Large Folder #7B Driveways, Maps

Grading plan for main driveway
Preliminary study for arrangement of the main driveway and residence (8/28/12)
Map of Mount Hope Farm (10/17/78; Peter P. Welanetz)
Map of North Adams (1934)
Map of Berkshire County (1/1937; Harry W. Heaphy)
Window seat on main stair landing (10/1/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Detail of doors leading from bedroom no 2 to balcony (10/29/24; Jas Gamble Rogers)
Hollow metal doors and jambs (8/12/27; Charles K.B. Nevin)
Full size details of porches (6/26/25)
Plan of Mount Hope Farm- additions made to Lenox Hill Hospital to show water distribution (6/1928; W.N. Tuller, C.E. duplicate) (2)

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1905 - present

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