Mount Hope Farm blueprints

Large Folder #2 Property Plans and Water Distribution

Sheet no. 7 (Tuller)
Plan showing drains and water pipes (12/29) Tuller
Sweet Spring Line
Water pipes (W.N. Tuller)
Elm Tree Lot grading (10/1925; rev., 12/1925; W.N. Tuller. C.E.)
Site plan schematic no. 1: proposed subdivision (4/1993; David J. Westall, Architect)
Plan of property of William Quinn Estate (2/1928; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Indian Springs parcels
"Indian Springs" (7/1964)
Sweet Spring #3
Sheet no. 11
Sheet no. 12
Sheet no. 13
Sheet no. 14
Location of tile under drains (11/1913; Barnes & Spaulding, Engineers)
Profile of proposed pipe line- Sweet Spring (1/1916; Barnes & Race, Engineers)
Transmission and distribution system of the Williamstown Water Company (8/1939)
Plan showing location of catch basins (8/1924; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Drains (7/1916; Barnes & Race, Engineers)
Drains (7/1915; Barnes & Race, Engineers)
Plan of drainage system (2/1933; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Plumbing fixture measurements and details (Jas. Gamble Rogers, Architect; Daniel N. Russell, Plumber)
Drain and sewer pipes (1925; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
Plan of underground utilities serving properties conveyed by Lenox Hill Hospital (11/64, Neff)
Preliminary study of proposed drains (8/1915; Barnes and Rice, Engineers)
Cellar plan showing drain and sewer pipes (1925, Tuller)

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1905 - present

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