Mount Hope Farm blueprints

Large Folder #1 Miscellaneous, Garage, Roads, Arches

Indian Springs MH 3 Plan for circular areaways for Billiard Areaway (7/17/26 Clarendon Marble co.)
Plain rectangular areaways for main house (6/7/26 Clarendon Marble co.)
Flagpole Bases (Green Mountain Marble Corp.)
Half Section, half elevation detail of base design (4/13/31; J.E. Lingo)
F. S. Vertical Sections and Horizontal Sections
Unidentified percentages and changes in elevation
Full size and large scale drawings
Copper cornices and Ornament (1/10/31)
Heating Plans for garage (Russell)
First floor plan of garage (Peirson, 12/8/30)
First floor framing plan (12/26/30)
One half-front of front elevation (1/26/31)
Sketch elevation (11/11/30)
Heating plans for garage building (First Floor)
Roof Truss (1/24/31)
Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine and roof framing plans 7562 (2 copies)
Granite details for garage (1/8/31; Woodbury Granite Co.)
Front elevation (2/15/21)
South elevation
Plan of electrical conduit from pump house to reservoir 11/30 (2)
West, South and East Sides (11/6/37)
Setting Plans for Arch Stones (Robert and Starbuck Architects)
One Arch E (Fiske and Co Inc.)
Typical cross section/ driveway and cross section drainage trench (David Westall)
Renovation, ca. 2000

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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