Metadata Services

What is Metadata?

Metadata is the information that you use to describe and document an electronic resource or item.  Metadata will make your electronic objects searchable, easily located from a citation, and easily recognized and understood by you and others who might want to use them.  Much like you would use an index in the back of a book to find a topic of interest, metadata provides an "index" of your information and greatly simplifies how you can search for what you need.

About Metadata Services at Archives and Special Collections:

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Our metadata philosophy is simple: capture metadata at the most robust level possible, in formats appropriate for the materials, and create views of that metadata for specific uses. We're committed to the creation of high-quality metadata that can be leveraged to provide high-quality services.  This goal can be achieved through metadata/ archives experts working closely with content experts to understand the nature and use of collections.

Specifically our services include the following:

Consulting on metadata

  • Review project requirements and make recommendations
  • Analyze existing metadata and recommend transformation strategies

Development of metadata & schema

  • Create or customize metadata schema for your collections
  • Establish workflows for metadata creation or capture

Design of data models and access

  • Create data models that foster seamless access, interoperability, and reuse
  • Determine the types of access to your resources that best fit their ongoing support

Production of metadata

  • Reformat metadata to meet the specifications of your project
  • Modify information in your metadata to conform with standards or project guidelines

Do you need help? Contact Digital Resources Archivist and Records Manager, Jessika Drmacich, x4725