Manuscript Guides S-Z

Sawyer, John E. Papers  (President of Williams College, Class of 1939)
Sayre, Francis B. Papers  (Assistant to the Williams President)
Sentinels of the Republic Records  (conservative political group)
Snook, Hedwig M. ("Hattie") Papers  (regarding Mt. Hope Farm)
Sowers, Zachariah Turner Papers (doctor, examiner in Guiteau case) 
Suderburg, Robert C. Papers   (professor of Music)
Swan, Henry II, M.D. Papers  (Class of 1935)
Tenney, Sanborn and Abby Papers  (professor of Natural History, authors)
Thompson, Charles Stanley Papers  (Class of 1912)
Tryon, James Owen Papers  (lawyer and author, Class of 1900)
Tyler, John C. Papers  (World War I pilot, Class of 1915)
Van Zandt, Irving Jr. Papers  (World War II memoirs, Class of 1931)
Vrooman, Isaac Henry Papers  (Class Secretary, Class of 1899)
Washburn, George T. Papers  (missionary to India, Class of 1855)
Watson, Jack Papers (theatre set designer and instructor)
Whittlesey, Charles White Collection  (World War I hero, Class of 1905)
Williams Christian Association Records  (student Christian societies)
Williams Jewish History Project Collection (research project on Jewish life at Williams)
Williams Strike Central Records (students organizing anti-Vietnam War activity)