Manuscript Guides M-R

Mansfield, Luther Stearns Papers  (professor of English)
Miller, John William Papers  (professor of Philosophy)
Mills, Abbot Paige Papers  (major league baseball player, Class of 1911)
Mission Park Association Records  (society to purchase and maintain Mission Park))
Muir, Robert B. Papers  (swim coach)
Newborg, Sidney Collection of Lincoln material
Newhall, Richard A. Papers  (professor of History)
Ober, Charles Kellogg Papers  (Y.M.C.A. Secretary, Class of 1883)
Octet Records  (student singing group)
Ohly, John H. Papers (Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, Assistant to the Director for Mutual Security, Class of 1933)
Ostrander, F. Taylor Papers (Class of 1932)
Poster Collection
Pratt, James Bissett Papers  (professor of Philosophy, Class of 1898)
Psalmodi, France Excavation Records (contact the Archives)
Queer Student Union Collection
Ranlett, Captain Charles Everett Papers (re: the Lyceum's 1860 expedition)
Rice, Richard Austin Papers  (professor of the History of Art and Civilization)
Rosenburg Family Papers (re: Buxton Farms and Hopkins Forest) 
Rudolph, Frederick Papers (professor History, Class of 1942)