Manuscript Guides H-L

Haystack Celebration Collection  (regarding Mission Park)
Hill, Claudia Research files (regarding R.A. Rice and Art History at Williams) (contact the Archives)
Holley, John Milton Papers  (18th-century student letters)
Hopkins Family Papers  (President Mark Hopkins, Professor Albert Hopkins, and family members)
Horticultural and Landscape Gardening Association Records  (gardening and landscaping society)
Hosford, Henry Brown Papers (Class of 1843)
Hunke, Warren Papers (Octet director, Class of 1942)
Hyde, Alvan Sermons  (minister of Lee, Mass.)
Jorling, Thomas C. Papers  (Director of C.E.S., Asst. Administrator to the EPA, N.Y. State Environmental Commissioner, etc.)
Kohn, John S. Van E. Papers  (Class of 1928)
Lyceum of Natural History Records  (student scientific society)