Manuscript Guides D-G

Dale, Thomas Nelson Papers  (professor of Geology)
Debevoise family papers (regarding American and world wars, Mississippi freedom summer, and Newark riots, Class of 1915 and 1946)
Dee, Samuel Kenneth Papers (Class of 1931)
Delong, Thomas A. Research Files  (regarding Paul Whiteman)
Dieterle, Kurt Papers  (violinist for the Whiteman Orchestra)
Dively, Michael A. (Class of 1961)
Dwight, Richard H.W. Collection  (regarding Ephraim Williams and early Berkshire County)
Faison, S. Lane Jr. Papers   (professor of Art History, Class of 1929)
Faison, Art Looting Investigation Papers
Fernald, Orlando Marcellus Papers  (professor of Greek)
Ferry, Frederick Carlos Papers  (professor of Mathematics, Dean, Class of 1891)
First Congregational Church Records
Gabriel, Gilbert Wolf Papers (Class of 1912)
Garfield, Harry A. Papers  (Williams President, Class of 1885)
Garfield, James A. Collection  (President of the U.S., Class of 1856)
Gaudino, Robert L. Papers  (professor of Political Science)
Gifford, Don Papers  (professor of English)