Manuscript Guides A-C

Adelphic Union Records  (student literary/debating societies)
Anderson, Nils Jr. Collection  (regarding Latin America, class of 1937)
Arkenburgh, Weber H. Papers  (Garfield Club Alumni Council member, Class of 1902)
Armstrong, Samuel Chapman Papers  (founder of Hampton Institute, Class of 1862)
Bahlman, Dudley W. R. Papers (professor of History)
Bakeless, John Edwin Papers  (Class of 1918)
Banks, Talcott Letterpress Book (contact the Archives)
Bell, Michael Davitt Papers  (professor of English)
Black Student Union (BSU)
Bugbee, Charles T. Papers  (Broadway production electrician)
Cap and Bells Records  (student theatrical society)
Chadbourne, Paul A. Papers  (professor of Natural History, President, Class of 1848)
Cleland, Herdman Fitzgerald Papers  (professor of Geology)