Scope and content note

The Williams Jewish History Project Collection is organized into six series: I. Williams Jewish oral history interviews, II. Religion 209: American Jewish history, III. Williams students, IV. Research in archival and manuscript collections, V. Fraternities research, VI. Notes on Williams Oral History Project interviews, VII. College and student publications, and VIII. Secondary sources.

Series I. Williams Jewish oral history interviews contains final, edited transcripts for interviews with Williams alumni and faculty regarding Jewish issues at Williams. A number of the interviews were done by students in Prof. Brad Verter's course, Religion 209: American Jewish life, in 2001. The bulk of the remainder was recorded by Ms. Greene in subsequent years. Transcripts are arranged alphabetically by interviewee. Please note that a variety of restrictions may apply to the interviews. This series includes restricted drafts and interviews, as well as interview tapes, segregated into boxes separate from unrestricted transcripts.

Series II. Religion 209: American Jewish history comprises a variety of material from Prof. Verter's 2001 course, as well as Ms. Greene's independent study project and subsequent service as research assistant which continued Religion 209's investigations. This series includes several student papers and exercises produced for the course, as well as material relating to the Jewish Religious Center anniversary in 2006.

Series III. Williams students is arranged chronologically by Class year and then alphabetically by student surname. Individuals included in this series are associated with Jewish issues at Williams.  The files contain information duplicating Alumni Relations biographical file material, sometimes includes correspondence reproduced from other College archival collections (most notably Presidents' records), and other items Ms. Greene located elsewhere. 

Series IV. Research in archival and manuscript collections contains items pertaining to Jewish issues duplicated from the records of the Dean's Office (Dean Frederick Ferry), President's Office (Garfield, Dennett and Baxter), and Chaplain's Office. (Supposed original locations are noted, although exact citation must be verified.)

Series V. Fraternities research includes reproductions of a variety of reports, articles and publications regarding fraternity life and the abolition of fraternities.

Series VI. Notes on Oral History Projects contains notes Ms. Greene made on interviews recorded for the Williams College Oral History Project and background material gathered for interviews performed for the Jewish History Project.

Series VII. College and student publications comprises photocopies of an assortment of articles gathered by Ms. Greene for the Project.

Series VIII. Secondary sources includes reproductions of articles and book segments pertaining to Jewish life in America and higher education.

Williams Jewish History Project Collection, 1872-2006