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I. Williams Jewish Oral History Interviews

Box 1  
  Unrestricted interviews:
  Becker, Seymour with Jaime Hensel, 2001
  Beiser, Edward with Carrie Greene, 2003
  Berek, Peter with Carrie Greene, 2004 [copying restrictions; permission from interviewee needed to access restricted portion]
  Bernhard, Robert with Ariel Zetlin-Jones, 2001
  Birmingham, Stephen with Sarah Constantine, 2001
  Bloch, Edward with Emily Bloominthal, 2001
  Boskey, Bennett with Carrie Greene, 2005
  Burns, James MacGregor with Ari Shoenholtz, 2001
  Constantine, Lloyd with Shoenholz, Bloomenthal and Constantine, 2001
  Corngold, Scott with Lowell Jacobson, 2001?
  Franklin, Rabbi Stephen with Evan Sandhaus, 2001
  Futransky, David C with Brad Verter, 2001
  Goldstein, Frederick with Carrie Greene, 2004
  Grabois, Neil with Carrie Greene, 2002
  Graver, Larry with Anjuli Lebowitz, 2001
  Greene, Fred with Carrie Greene, 2002
  Grossman, David with Peter Rosenfeld, 2001
  Grudin, Eva with Carrie Greene, 2002
  Heineman, Andrew D with Peter Rosenfeld, 2001
  JRC panel discussion with Carrie Greene, 2004
  Kraus, Matthew with Laura Futransky, 2001
  Laitman, Samuel with Ariel Zetlin-Jones, 2001
  Maidman, Richard with Daniel Zetlin-Jones, 2001
  Mirsky, Israel, 2001? [written permission from interviewee needed for access, copying restrictions]
  Nathan, Frederic with Carrie Greene, 2003
  Pasachoff, Naomi, 2004 [written permission from interviewee needed for access]
  Pickard, Richard with Peter Rosenfeld, 2001
  Piper, Anson with Carrie Greene, 2003
  Redlich, Norman with Carrie Greene, 2003
  Rudolph, Fred with Carrie Greene, 2004 [no reproduction]
  Schapiro, Morton O. with Emily Bloomenthal, 2001 [written permission from interviewee needed for access, no reproduction]
  Spencer, Charles with Sarah Constantine, 2001
  Sultar, Rabbi Jeffrey with Evan Sandhaus, 2001
  Tritter, Daniel with Carrie Greene, 2004
  WCFM with Priven, Schapiro, Laitman and Greene, 2005
  Weinstein, Stuart with Laura Futransky, 2001
  Zecher, Rabbi Deborah with Carrie Greene, 2004
Box 2-3  
  Restricted interviews and interview drafts
Box 4  
  Interview tapes (3 cassette boxes)

II. Religion 209: American Jewish History

Box Folder  
5 1 Religion 209 course syllabus and information
  1a Religion 209: American Jewish history, 2001, Readings (part one)
  2 Deslus, Benjamin student paper: Strong men, loyal men, troubled men: Williams-Jewish trajectories in light of President Garfield's assessment of Jews
  2a Futransky, Laura student paper: Evolution of anti-Semitic humor in the Purple Cow
  3a Hensel, Jaime student paper: Emmanuel Cohen and Charles Gross: The Advent of Jews at Williams College, 2001
  3b Lebowitz, Anjuli student paper: The Class of 1914: Carl J. Austrian, John Howard Lawson and Jacob C. Stone: their development as Jewish-American Williams alumni, 2001
  3c Pollen, Chelsea student paper: The religious character of Williams prior to the entrance of Jewish students
  3d Rosenfield, Peter student paper: George Lansing Raymond: ambassador to diversity at Williams
  3e Zetlin-Jones, Ariel student paper: Herbert (Herbie) H. Lehman: a portrait of the student and politician as a Jewish man
  3f Archival research assignments
  3g Biographical essays developed from interviews
  4 Releases for student papers that never arrived
  5 Williams Jewish History Project, Carrie Greene's correspondence, proposals, and notes, 2002-2004
  5a Carrie Greene correspondence, notes, etc. 2002-2005
  6 "Legacies and loyalties: the Class of 1914 and Jewish life at Williams", paper by Carrie Greene
  7 "Legacies and loyalties", talk at Williams Club, 2006
  8 Jewish Religion Center anniversary material, 2006
  8a Jewish Religious Center opening, anniversary, 1988-1991

III. Williams students

Box Folder
5 9 Gross, Charles (WC 1878)
  9a Lehman, Herbert (WC 1899) (most likely from Alumni biographical files)
  10 Ernst, Morris (WC 1909)
  11 Greenbaum, Edward S. (WC 1910) (most like from Alumni bio files)
  12 Nathan, Edgar (WC 1913) (most likely from Alumni bio files)
  13 Cohen, Emmanuel- American Jewish History Society, re: Nathan family
  14 Stein, Emil Robert (WC 1913) (from Alumni bio files)
  15 Austrian, Carl (WC 1914) (from Alumni bio files?)
  16 Baxter, James Phinney III (WC 1914)
  16a Lawson, John Howard (WC 1914)
  17 Markstein, Jerome (WC 1914) (most likely from alumni bio file)
  18 Stone, Jacob (WC 1914) (most likely from alumni bio files, and unprocessed Baxter records Box 353,510, 530, 583)
  19 Stone, Jacob Chauncey (WC 1914) "Jacob Chauncey Stone: a profile", student paper by Suzanne Stone for American Civilization, 1975
  20 Stone, Andrew (C. Greene correspondence with Stone, Jacob WC 1914)
  20a Class of 1914
  21 Rudnick, Louis (WC 1915) (most likely from Alumni bio file and unprocessed Baxter records Box 352)
  22 Rudnick, Louis (1915) correspondence with Baxter, (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 352, 746)
  23 Rudnick, Morris "George", and "Abraham" article in Sketch
  24 House of Local History- Jews in Williamstown, includes Morris "George" Rudnick
  25 Riis, Roger William (WC 1917) (from Alumni bio file?)
  26 Rudnick, Philip (WC 1923) (from Alumni bio file)
  27 Sterling, Dykemon (WC 1928)
  28 Kazan, Elia (WC 1930)
  28a Class of 1934
  28aa Boskey, Bennett (WC 1935)
  28b Stein, Herbert (WC 1935)
  28bb Murphy, Richard (WC 1936)
  28c Class of 1937
  29 Copeland, Manton (WC 1939)
  29a Stedman, Murray S (WC 1939)
  30 Lehman, Peter G. (WC 1940) (from Alumni bio files)
  30a Class of 1940
  30aa Nathan, Edgar III (WC 1941)
  30b Ranshoff, William (WC 1941)
  31 Lehman, John Robert (WC 1942) (most likely from Alumni bio files)
  32 Nathan, Fred (WC 1943) (most likely from Alumni bio files)
  33 Nathan, Fred (WC 1943) correspondence with Baxter, (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 351)
  34 1943 GUL Nathan, Renzi, Cohen
  35 Baxter, Arthur B. (WC 1944) (most likely from Alumni bio file)
  36 Kohnstamm, Paul L. (WC 1944) (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 529)
  36a Bloch, Ed (WC 1945)
  36aa Markstein, Donald (WC 1947)
  36aaa Redlich, Norman (WC 1947)
  36b Bronfman, Edgar Sr. (WC 1950)
  36c Heineman, Andrew (WC 1950)
  36d Class of 1950
  36e Wiseman, Frederick (WC 1951)
  36f Class of 1952
  36g Schapiro, Seth (WC 1953) and father
  36h Tritter, Dan (WC 1954)
Box Folder
5A 36i Class of 1954
  37 Maidman, Richard H. (WC 1955) (Biographical information to supplement Jewish OHP interview)
  38 Class of 1955 Background information and reunion book entries
  39 Nathan, Arthur (WC 1973)
  39a Freeman, Neil (WC 1979)
  40 Nathan, Jean (WC 1979)
  41 Nathan, Frederic (WC 1983) including family history

IV. Research in archival and manuscript collections

Box Folder
5A 42 [Dean] Frederick C. Ferry Papers, Association of College Officers Report, 1911 (MC 10, Box 1, Folder 6) including "student attitude toward Jews" segment
   43 Garfield, Harry correspondence, 1911-1933 (from AC 9.2) 
   44 Fraternity system initiation, 1927-1929 (from AC 9.2 Box 44 Folder 33) 
   45 Dennett/Baxter correspondence re: Jewish students, 1938 (origin unknown) 
   46 Bailyn, Bernard (WC 1944)- Baxter correspondence, 1943- 1958 (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 346) 
   47 Birmbaum, Norman (WC 1946)- Baxter correspondence, 1948- 1950 (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 346, Box 759) 
   48 Burns, James MacGregor (WC 1939)- Baxter correspondence, 1940- 1953 (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 347) 
   49 Greenbaum, Edward - Baxter correspondence (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 534) 
   50 Greenbaum, Edward - Baxter correspondence, part 2 (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 534) 
   51 Loeb, William (WC 1927) (including correspondence with Baxter 1946- 1950, most likely from unprocessed Baxter records, Box 350) 
   52 Nathan, Edgar Jr. (WC 1913) (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 351, 380) 
   53 Riis, Roger William (WC 1917)- Baxter correspondence, 1941- 1947 (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 352, 380, 84) 
   54 Riis, Roger William- Baxter correspondence, 1949- 1953 (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 352, 380, 84) 
   55 Sawyer, John- Baxter correspondence 1942-1952 (most likely from unprocessed Baxter records Box 352) 
   56 Religion- General- Baxter, 1945 (from Baxter records Box 36 #0-540) 
   57 The Jewish Question, 1945 (from Baxter records Box 22 # 0-540) 
   58 Mass. Committee for Equality of Opportunity in Education, 1949 (from Baxter records Box 26 # 0-540) 
   59 Williams College Jewish Association, 1954-1955 (Baxter records Box 49 #0- 540) 
   60 Chaplain's Office: Kuskins, 1963-1972 (from AC 23) 
   60a Chaplain's Office correspondence, etc. 1964-1980
   61 Chaplain's Office: Jewish Students, ca. 1978-1987 (from AC 23?) 
   62 Chaplain Reports, 1983/4- 1985/6 (from AC 23) 
   63 Chaplain's Office: Chapel/ Kuskin Conflict, 1986 (from AC 23?) 

V. Fraternities research

Box Folder
5A 64 Fraternities at Williams, by Talcott Miner Banks, ca. 1914
   65 Committee of Ten Report, 1925 (Report of the Committee of Ten on the fraternity- neutral situation at Williams College)
   66 Report to the Trustees of the Special Committee on Campus Social Problems, 1936 (most likely from unprocessed President's records) 
   67 Trustee membership, 1936- 1961  
   68 The Garfield Club: what it is and what it does, 1940  
   69 Report to the Board of Trustees… from the Committee on Post-War Extra-Curricular Activities, 1946 
   70 Fraternities, 1947 (from unprocessed Baxter records?) 
   71 "The college fraternity crisis", Colliers, January 1949 
   72 Fraternities: articles and archival records (?), bulk 1949 
   73 Rushing agreement, 1949 
   74 Faculty meetings, 1950's re: Sterling Committee, etc. 
   75 Various articles re: fraternities, 1950-1952 
 6  1 Committee on Campus Problems, Progress Report, 1951  
   2 Report of the Committee on Campus Problems (Sterling Committee), 1951 
   3 Interfraternity Rushing Agreement 1951 
   4 Fraternities, December 1951-1952  
   5 Purple Cow, "An Argument against abolishing fraternities", 1957 
   6 Replacing fraternities report, 1957  
   7 Grinnell Petition  
   8 Statement of the Board of Trustees and Report of The Committee on Review of Fraternity Questions (Angevine Committee), 1962 
   9 Fraternity alternatives, A report of the Williams College family containing additional information and some alternative views on the Williams fraternity system, 1962  
   10 Jay Angevine, Class Agent dinner speech, 1962 
   11 "The end of fraternities at Williams" student paper by Gregory Clapp, 1983 

VI. Notes on Oral History Projects

Box Folder
6 11a Berek, Peter background info and notes for interview
  11b Berg, Rabbi Alan background info
  12 Carpenter, Russ, notes on OHP interview
   13 Copeland, Fred, notes on OHP interview 
   13a Coran, Rabbi Cissy background material for interview
   13b Goldstein, Fred notes for interview
   13c Greenland, Philip notes for interview
   14 Grinnell, Bruce, notes on OHP interview 
   15 Markgraf, Hodge, notes on OHP interview 
   16 Matthews, Samuel, notes on OHP interview 
   17 Oakley, Frank, background material for JOHP interview 
   18 Piper, Anson, notes on OHP interview 
   18a Raffeld, Beth notes for interview
   19 Rudolph, Fred, notes on OHP interview 
   20 Sawyer, John, notes on OHP interview 
   21 Shainman, Irwin, notes on OHP interview 
   21a Smith, Phil notes and background material
   22 Thun, Ferdinand, notes on OHP interview 
   22a Zecher, Deborah correspondence regarding interview
   22b WCFM broadcast notes for
   22c Additional notes for interviews

VII. College and student publications

Box Folder
6 23 Williams Quarterly articles, 1872
   24 College and student publications, Class of 1899-1914 
   25 Williams Literary Monthly articles, ca. 1906-1913 
7 1 Williams Record articles, 1909-1914
6  26 Classbook Class of 1914  
   27 Purple Cow, 1917-1918 
   28 Williams Graphic articles, 1924-1929
   28a Williams Record articles, 1932-1943 
   29 Sketch articles 1933-1955 
7 2 Williams Record articles, 1934-1935
6  30 Sketch, "Abraham" article, Feb. 1934 
   30a Sketch, Purple Cow Nazism at Williams, ca. 1935-1938 
   30aa Sketch articles, 1937-1942 
7 3 Williams Record articles, 1940-1941
6  31 Williams Review articles, 1945 
7 4 Williams Record articles, 1946-1949
6  32 Williams Alumni Review articles, 1946- 1950 
7 5 Williams Record articles, 1949-1951
  6 Williams Record articles, 1951-1952
6  33 Williams Record, 1951- 1982
7 7 Williams Record articles, 1954-1972
6  34 Williams Alumni Review, 1960- 1967
   35 Williams Alumni Review, 1974- 1976 
   35a Williams Record articles re: Perlin and Grudin Tenure, 1975 
   35aa Pique articles, 1976-1979 
   36 Williams Alumni Review, 1983- 1988 
   36a Williams Record articles re: Jewish Religious Center and Schapiro Induction, 2000 
   37 Gaudino, Bob articles and correspondence 

VIII. Secondary sources

Box Folder
6 38 Antin, Mary, The Promised Land, 1912
  38a Balka, S. paper, "Intimacy and eternity the passion of a collector," 2007
Bell, Daniel, "Reflections on Jewish identity" in Commentary 
   40 Bender, Daniel, " 'A hero… for the weak': work, consumption, and the enfeebled Jewish worker, 1881-1924" in International labor and working-class history, 1999 
   41 Buchsbaum, Tamar, "A note on antisemitism in admissions at Dartmouth" in Jewish social studies, 1987 
   42 Lerner, Anne Lapidus, " 'Who hast not made me a man': the movement for equal rights for women in American Jewry" in American Jewish yearbook, 1977 
   43 Liebman, Charles S., "Reconstructionism in American Jewish life", in American Jewish yearbook, 1970 
   44 Marcus, Jacob Rader, Memories of American Jews 1775-1865, volume 2 (selections?) 
   45 Merwin, Ted, "The performance of Jewish ethnicitiy in Anne Nichols' Abbie's Irish Rose" in Journal of American ethnic history, 2001 
   46 Metzker, Isaac A., A Bintel brief: sixty years of letters from the lower east side…, 1971 
   47 Nadel, Stanley, "Jewish race and German soul in nineteenth century America" in American Jewish history, 1987 
   48 Rosenfeld, Alvin H., Thinking about the Holocaust after half a century, 1997 
   49 Soyer, Daniel, "Brownstones and Brownsville: elite philanthropists and immigrant constituents at the Hebrew Educational Society of Brooklyn 1899-1929", in American Jewish history, 2000 
   50 Thompson, Dorothy, "America demands a single loyalty" in Commentary 
   51 Tradition 7, 1965 
   52 Urofsky, Melvin I., "A cause in search of itself: American Zionism after the state", in American Jewish history, 1979 
   53 Wertheimer, Jack, Liebman, Charles S., and Cohen, Steven M., "How to save American Jews", in Commentary, 1996 
   54 Woocher, Jonathan S. "Sacred survival: American Jewry's civil religion", 1985 
   55 Secondary articles 
   56 Additional secondary sources, ca. 1961-2003

Williams Jewish History Project Collection, 1872-2006


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